Uncharted 2 MP Spawn Point Update

Naughty Dog has revealed more info on the proposed tweaks to Uncharted 2's online multiplayer.

Following last week's announcement that it is looking into spawn points, the developer has apparently been working on three maps: The Fort, The Facility and The Ice Cave.

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thetamer3499d ago

Finally! This really did piss me off.

WildArmed3499d ago

lol I was just talking about this with my friend.. 2-3 days ago?
I'm glad ND just keeps making the game better and better.

Though i still liked the orignal health better.. now the weapons are a bit too strong

Leord3499d ago

Uncharted 2 looks very nice.

AndyA3499d ago

The biggest issue with the MP for me is that it takes multiple headshots to put enemies down.

Pennywise3499d ago

I think it is okay considering how much autoaim is in this game. Any less, you really wouldnt be able to see anyone shooting at you before you die.

AndyA3499d ago

Yup, I understand why ND made it that way but it just feels a bit clunky shooting someone for 2-3 seconds and still not scoring a kill. I love the way that the climbing has been integrated into MP, and there are some really nice maps, I just hate the shooting.

Myst3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Should really get back into this game again, but I'd rather wait until more Co-op stages are brought forth.

I've got a question that's kind of out there, but all multiplayer skins should be compatible with co-op right? I know it's a question that I probably know the answer to [yes], but I just want to make sure before I decide to. Since I spend a LOT more time on co-op than anything else.

Redempteur3499d ago

i don't think the multiplayer skins work for co-op missions (as they are scripted ) however , they should work for survival missions

AndyA3499d ago

Yup, could definitely do with some more co-op.

Myst3499d ago

Survival huh, well that works well enough for me. Thanks Redempteur, and I agree with you AndyA more survival is needed.

Redempteur3499d ago

survival and co-op are my favorites mode for online ..

the trill of cooperating with friends against the odds is WAYYYY better than any deathmatch IMO

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