Metro 2033 For Only $37.99

O.G. writes "Don't want to drop $60 on Metro 2033? Now, you don't have to."


New link was added show price of $26.99 at

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harlem_v13499d ago

Still not interested in the game.

raztad3499d ago

If this atmospheric shooter fails, I hardly can see THQ wanting a sequel to improve over the original, and the whole STALKER/post apocalyptic theme would suffer. Game seems to be very worth the price come on. Consider those -$20 is because game lacks multiplayer.

Gamer7l3499d ago took the time to post in the comment section. *SNIFF* I smell a bitter/jealous Sony fantroll.

Myze3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )


Sadly, atmosphere is about the only good thing the game has going for it. The gameplay is really bad and feels very stiff and random. The graphics were touted as being amazing, yet on max settings at 1080p on my computer, it is average at best: high res textures, good lighting, horrible characters models, very generic setting (although lighting helps the setting a lot), bad voice acting (at least the English is...bad Russian accents...maybe I should have played with Russian audio with subtitles), bad animations, boring/stale gameplay.

Anyway, I'm just naming the bad stuff, as the game isn't really that bad. The 7-7.5's the game has been getting is about right. It's not terrible, but it feels like Fallout 3 with a far less open world, stripped RPG mechanics, less content, etc., however I think the atmosphere is actually better, and that goes a long way. ~$25 would be worth it if that's what it's going for. I regret paying $50 though, especially considering how many great games I've bought recently.

aCHU3499d ago

they should of released it on XBLA .. *shakes head* i think it still would of flopped.

Excalibur3499d ago

Folks should give it a try. ;)

tmj3499d ago

The deal just got wayyyyyyyy better.

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The story is too old to be commented.