Critical Gamer: Sonic Classic Collection: review

Critical Gamer writes: Sony vs Microsoft fanboy arguments? Pish and pshaw. Hugs and kisses compared to the Nintendo vs Sega war of the nineties. Yet here we are in the space year 2010, and Sega have bundled together a bunch of Sonic platformers for Nintendo's latest handheld. Either the sad demise of the Dreamcast had some positive side effects, or somebody went back in time and killed the wrong butterfly…

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Pidgeridoo3491d ago

Sonic will never be better than Mario!

scruffy_bear3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Look Pideridoo is bringing back the Nintendo Sega fanboy battle nice, love Sonic much pick this up and looking forward to the new Sonic this year

Jockie3491d ago

Well obviously Mario is the more iconic and has better games, but c'mon who doesn't miss the days where Anthropomorphism was the key attribute of gamings biggest stars? Forget big chested women with no personality and a charm deficiency, blue hedghogs are the future!

mjolliffe3491d ago

I love Sonic, but he's not a Mario beater...

DemonStration3489d ago

I agree with the conclusion of this review - I find the weirder Sonic sequels way more interesting. Sonic 2 is a truly great game, but Sonic CD, Spinball, and Knuckles Chaotix are also great in their own ways.