El33tonline Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International)

El33tonline writes:

"Stop me if you have heard this one before: It is the future, shortly after the big WW3. Everything is destroyed except the White House. Since Earth can no longer sustain life, the surviving humans have teamed up to find another suitable planet. They are mankind's last hope! All eyes are upon these heroic pioneers, risking their lives for our salvation! Can they find the answers to our survival in the infinite expanse of the great Star Ocean?

If this sounds a bit melodramatic, I have to apologise. See, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (International) is the fourth installment in the Star Ocean saga. And it is a Japanese RPG, cast in the mold of great classics like Final Fantasy. However, the mold has been used a little too much, and some of the healthy goodness of the classics has seeped through the cracks."

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