Gran Turismo 5 Tokyo Route 246 Demonstration Leaked

A new video demonstrates the Tokyo Route 246 of Gran Turismo 5.

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Maikrobi3497d ago

When will it be in stores? PS4 launch title?

Hanif-8763496d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is my most anticipated game ever!

Rainstorm813496d ago

After all the setback Please release this game this year, it looks better than all competition right now.

Forget aiming for the stars , they are shooting for a different galaxy.

3496d ago
vhero3496d ago

The level of detail is outstanding! No wonder its taking so long to make.. Shame its not a HD video.

Syronicus3496d ago

I would rather them release it when it is ready by the standards of Polyphony Digital and not to the substandard levels of acceptability that is found in most Forza fans. I would take one GT5 over a dozen years of pathetic excuses of racing games. When we get our hands on GT5, all arguments about it being delayed will be forgotten and the game will once again show why GT is the series that sets the bar and makes the standards for Racing Sims on the console.

lh_swe3496d ago

The only fault I can find with Forza 3 is that the graphics may not be on par with GT5 but then again what is. The physics in that game are phenomenal, the car sounds spot on, attention to detail (fuel consumption, tire wear, glowing brake discs etc).

Both games will be/are great in their own respects and to pretend otherwise is just fanboyism speaking.

Oldsnake0073496d ago

WoW. the Cars looks absolutely amazing in this game.

Have patience.

Perfection needs Time .

PirateThom3496d ago

I got a free copy of Forza 3, played it once for a few hours and haven't gone back to it since.

Game is just not fun and, even if you turn all the assists off, it's still not as good handling wise as Forza 2. They basically gimped the game to make it appeal to the Need for Speed crowd. It's barely a sim anymore, Forza 2 is still the better choice.

Syronicus3496d ago

Forza 2 was less fun and likewise... Forza 3 was even less fun. Carbon copies of the same game are not going to get anymore fun just because you let some punks paint hentia on the side of their cars. Sorry, but Forza has nothing on GT.

sagapo3496d ago

and you think GT is a brand new game each time? please....
I've played the GT series starting from 1st one 'till 4th, and besides graphics getting better, and some new tracks, there's little difference between them. The physics get tuned as well, but there are never any drastic changes. So tell me, why would GT5 be any different?
Because there is damage now? Most of you GT lovers didn't care for damage to begin with.

GT will be a great racer for PS3 owners, just as Forza is a great racer for X360 owners. They have there differences, but they are both great simulators.

lh_swe3496d ago

No drastic changes?

1. Among the best looking PS3 games.

2. Upgraded physics as you said.

3. Night racing.

4. NASCAR and Rally.

5. 1000+ cars.

6. 16 player online racing.

7. Did I mention how good this game looks!

This is not just bigger and better this is a behemoth compared to the other games in the series.

sagapo3496d ago


I've send you a PM in respons to your comment. please read and pm me back.

cheers :)

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beavis4play3496d ago

to be honest, i've never been into racing games (except for the awesome " NFS:hot pursuit 2" on ps2). BUT, this game just looks so incredible.........i might have to get it.

sikbeta3496d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will Definitely be The Unique Driving Simulator

gijsbrecht3496d ago

So beautiful! For now this will be my personal ultimate PS3 game.

yogaflame3496d ago

When will they stop teasing and just launch the game, 6 years for a racing game is crazy, it is not even a rpg or fps to take that long. Ps4 launch title?

Conan9973496d ago

not a single line of code has been copied from GT4. this will raise the bar of video games.

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