Only Sony is Stopping Sony From Being Number One in Games

GFB writes: "While fanboys argue back and forth about what holds the Xbox 360 back or why the Wii is "lame", the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable hardware have been facing the toughest foe of all, their own manufacturer. For some reason Sony just keeps shooting itself in the foot and refusing to catch on.

Starting back with Sony's first major marketing mistake of this generation, the home of Playstation decided to create a fake marketing campaign called 'all i want for xmas is a psp' which resulted in a huge backlash from gamers. Some still argue that the PSP hasn't recovered from the viral stigma slapped on it from this horrible holiday campaign."

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Jamie Foxx3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Sony have the best first party games,most powerful console,reliabilty,best equipped for the future,most first party developers everything is in place...I believe marketing its strengths is what's needed because if microsoft could boast all of the above we would see commercials saying 'only our console is pushing gaming graphically,only our console has bluray,and our online is free'

Sony need to get aggressive,and get consoles instore

Speed Racer3498d ago

Really? so you dont count the 2 years in a row we got game of the year? 2008( littlebigplanet) 2009(uncharted 2) 2010 probably god of war 3. the ps3 has pushed the graphics bar very very high, and uncharted 2 holds the crown.

VG_Releaser3498d ago

Did you read it at all? The article says the Sony hardware and games are the best. Are you illiterate or only read the title?

poontab3498d ago

Garbage Article. Sony's made a lot of mistakes (IMO nonexistent marketing in NA being the worst) but the PSP? When the PSP in Japan sells 30k+ every week I doubt they really mind the PSPgo floundering.

Lifendz3498d ago

The Author really should've expanded on what Sony has done to correct initial mistakes/shortcomings. The only thing I can knock Sony for now is the shortages of PS3s that everyone seems to be experiencing. Still find it hard to believe that if you live in a major city you can't find a PS3.

The only thing I would say Sony should start doing is give consumers the option buying a PS3 with a blu-tooth and/or a blu-tooth headset in every PS3 box.

Right now the quality of PS3 exclusives and 3rd party multiplats are incredible, God of War 3 needs to be seen to be believed, and GT5 is on the way. I'd say Sony, despite the mistakes early on, have done a stellar job recently in revamping the PS3.

wicko3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I don't think the PSP Go was even meant to replace the 3000. When faced with complaints about the price, they said it was aimed at early adopters. It would have performed better if they had managed to get the entire PSP library digital, and also allow those who bought a hardcopy to be able to download it for free onto the Go. And honestly, that issue wasn't their fault, publishers just wouldn't go for it. Not to mention that some game retailers wouldn't even stock the Go.

PSP Go was more of an experiment than any kind of successor. I hope they continue going digital only with the PSP2 right out the gate. Game retailers like EB/Gamestop can go screw themselves, I could care less if they can't make money off the console, they make enough peddling used games for 5$ below the new price.

sikbeta3498d ago

Don't Give a Damn, Sony is making Amazing Games and as Jamie Foxx said The only problem with Sony is that they don't make enough PS3s

Lightsaber3498d ago

This just proves how F'ing stupid ps3 fanboys are you guys dont have 2 brain cells between the lot of you. Seriously you are f*cking ranting and all you read was the damn title and I'm sure it took you hours just to read that much.

btw the article is about the psp not the ps3

Syronicus3498d ago

They show us exactly how ignorant the journalists are getting and have been over the years. Most of thee journalists were not even around when the PSone launched and cannot make a connection between the launch of the PSone, PS2 and the PS3. Sony has been very consistent between each launch and the sales of each console have been very close. The PS3 was the first of the three to hit the market at such a high price tag but despite the huge price tag it is still selling and has sold faster than the 360. When the 360 had close to an 8 million console lead over the PS3 they now only have a 5 million console lead and that is slimming down very fast now that the PS3 has hit its stride. Once Sony irons out supply issues, you will see the PS3 in tops with sales month to month and their ten year track is on point and slated to show us all that once again, Sony is king when it comes to supporting their consoles for the decade, just as they promise.

ThanatosDMC3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Sony has the most games coming out and it keeps on churning it high quality games. The other two consoles... well... it takes them 6-12 months to come out with something worth while.

PSP is somewhat dead in the water due to publishers not wanting to lose money due to piracy. I hope PSP2 will be rock solid and be unhackable for a long time like the PS3.

God_Of_Epicness3498d ago

Only God Of War is stopping 360 and Wii from "completely" overtaking PS3. Kratos is standing strong and will hold the barrier long enough for other games like GT5 to come in and soon, PS3 will reach number 2 and skips past number 1 and cement it's place as the best next gen console cos 360 is hardly next gen. Wii on the other hand is PS1 generation with those funny "everyone has a big round head" graphics.

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Michael Myers3498d ago

this article fails miserably, forget about metal gear solid getting game of the decade on vgcharts? guy above me got it right, i can go on and on, but before i do, ill play beyond.

3498d ago
RedDragan3498d ago

Michael Myers, I love the PS3.

But the article is not bashing the PS3, if anything it is lauding it with praise.

Even today they do not state all the features it can do, but they are doing a better job advertising it today.

The high price wasn't that much of a crisis point, people still bought into the console in high numbers but considering the massive profits from blu-ray related merchandise and cell revenues from business servers... they could have sold from Day 1 at £250 without an operating loss to the parent company Sony Corp.

Sony Corp realised all along PS3 would start off as a money loser, but that was completely made irrelevant by the big profits coming in from the PS3 tech used in other things. Sony Corp gets money from every blu-ray disc ever sold, every blu-ray player ever sold, every blu-ray recorder ever sold, every cell processor sold.

Servers that would cost £2000 and going for over £10,000... just because it has Cell and that processor is far superior to Sun's, Intel and AMD processors for the jobs they are required to do. Those reports of Cell being doomed are quite funny, since they tend to come from "Gaming" websites.

not including Wii, PS3 actually had a good start... it just wasn't selling as quick as Wii, all of a sudden US media deem it a failure because it takes the heat of their own company which has sold worse on every month-by-month comparison to date. Even month 1 sales for PS3 was better than month 1 sales for 360.

However, I know it sounds like I am rambling (I kinda am, but can't be bothered to delete all that) the article is saying what if.... What if they did sell for £250 on month 1? What if they did advertise the blu-ray from month 1?

My guess is it would be close behind Wii.

aCHU3498d ago

while these so called "journalists" and blogs,game sites ec t ect.. dwell on the past of sonys mistakes.. sony themselves are looking into the future and where to keep on improving and giving gamers what they want the most.. LAG FREE online gaming for no price and exclusives that not only push and raise the bar graphically and gameplay wise,but give us ps3 gamers new IP's to get our feet wet into.

something other competition try's but has not succeded very well..
every company makes/made mistakes.. the point is to LEARN from them and only improve on them were needed.

its all about us gamers in the end and no one has done it better then sony since the ps1 days :)

3498d ago
unrealgamer583498d ago

no no it's dumb @ss sites like you'res who's holding sony back

GunShotEddy3498d ago

This article praises the hardware and games of Sony, but the fanboys didn't get past the idea that there may be fault with their god-like company. I guess fanboys can't read.

s45gr323498d ago

Fanboys are fanboys and its bloody sad that the fanboys are now the majority and the gamers like you and I are the minority. The article was spot on you can't deny the fact that the launch PS3 marketing campaign was horrible because it was horrible it didn't inform the gamers what the PS3 was capable. Is bloody sad that gamers can't comprehend that you need an operating system not a computer to make games. Man like the article says the PSP Go has been a failure PSP owners prefer the PSP 3000 over the PSP Go and that's a fact. Damn!!! these people just read the title wich was a misleading title but it was spot on and non-fanboyism a rarity these days.

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