Nier Japanese Box Arts Revealed

The Japanese box arts for Nier have been revealed.

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ssipmraw3491d ago

well its obvious which one is going to sell more over there, and i dont blame them

AbyssGravelord3491d ago

What the hell Japan? Why can't we get you're version of the PS3 game?

Oh yeah it's because we buffy Americans just don't understand anything about glorious nippon.

TOO PAWNED3491d ago

because it will suck and few care! Nier=mediocre crap

sarshelyam3491d ago

I've been sitting on this decision for months now and after watching the latest trailer for RepliCant...the decision is made. Younger brother Nier fits with the art style far more than older father Nier. I'll pick this up, then the PS3 version of Gestalt here in the states when it goes bargain bin. I supposed that's the beauty of region-free gaming on PS3. I'll get TWO version of the game with two different heroes and soundtracks!