New Halo: Reach images demand your attention

Bungie just revealed a bunch of new Halo: Reach images which contain some new screenshots and lots of artwork of the character models and the environment.


Our website is up and you can view the new images at this link

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Halo fans. :)

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SeriousHashBrown3494d ago

artwork looks pretty good.....

toaster3494d ago

Huh.. is the site down? I see a broken link.

Timesplitter143493d ago

Site's down. Perhaps it was an unwanted leak?

3493d ago
IaMs123493d ago

You do realize that Bungies CGI are ingame graphics right lol

Blaze9293493d ago

who got the screenshots? the site is STILL down.

Therealspy17763493d ago

Haven't we seen all these pics before?

HolyOrangeCows3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Nothing to see here, folks. Just more in-engine screenshots that aren't running on the 360 (Unless the 360 is suddenly capable of running such games in native 1080p with ridiculous amounts of AA, in which case I'll eat my own shoe).

EDIT: I'm pretty sure these are old.

menoyou3493d ago

not impressed at all, the enemies look look bad. the spartans look decent

SuperM3493d ago

looks good. but concidering these are bullshots im not overly impressed. still has a way to go before it "reach" the standard set by games like KZ2. I think Alan Wake is a more visually impressive game then this one.

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gryfindor13494d ago

May cant come soon enough...and the best part is that the multiplayer beta will still not look as good as the actual final release.

Just give us Gears of War 3 as well this year...and Microsoft wins the year by a long shot.(Sorry Kratos...ME2,Halo,Gears,Alan much)

Agent TBY3494d ago

We win 2010, IMO. So many good games.

Projekt7tuning3494d ago

@ Agent TBY
+Bubble up for the gamer. You sir are correct, if you own both system's these are the best of times to ever be a gamer.

WhittO3494d ago

lol MS "Wins" , ok, that is bad.

Chris3993493d ago

As an unfortunate circumstance of the console landscape this gen, you really need both HD consoles to get the most out of gaming (and possibly a Wii, if that's your thing). For me, MS has done a great job this gen of getting niche and Japanocentric titles on their machine. Even if I only represent 1% of the total market for said titles, I appreciate the effort. I've been mostly a PS fan simply on account of the wealth of JRPGs and quirky titles in the PS1/2. But I am not a brand loyalist. And in the end, that's what we should really be paying attention to, the GAMES. Not the corporations, their vapid propaganda (parroted endlessly on the web in social forums like this) or their PR mouth-pieces.

And yeah, 2010 is an epic year. I have a backlog of 25 or so CONSOLE titles. That's not including downloadable games or portable software (about 15 on the PSP and I don't know how many on the DS).

corneliuscrust3493d ago

to own all three consoles this gen. Gamer's paradise!!!

nycredude3493d ago

Yet another person who lives in a world where you are only allowed to own one console.

PS360PCROCKS3493d ago

To each their own, me as a gamer FINALLY getting GOW III, the reason I BOUGHT a PS3 makes this year all about my PS3. GOW III is my game of the year, I love it.

STICKzophrenic3493d ago

Bubbles to Agent for being a GAMER.

Between my 360 and PS3, and not having any money, I am going to have a HUGE backlog of games to buy/rent and play in the future.

I've only been able to afford ME2 so far this year, but I definitely want to get Heavy Rain, God of War Collection, God of War III, Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno. I'm probably missing some titles that have already released as well.

That said, since I have ODST, I will definitely play the hell out of the Reach beta, and Halo: Reach is a must own midnight release for me.

3493d ago
STICKzophrenic3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Nope, I just haven't had money. ME2 was bought with money I had left from Christmas.

Heavy Rain is tops on my to buy list of games that have already released. It would be God of War III, but since I missed last console generation entirely, I never had the chance to play God of War or God of War II, hence God of War Collection being on my list as well.

Also, if you must know, I'm currently playing through inFamous for the third time (trying to get all the blast shards) and I played through Uncharted 2 again a couple weeks ago.

I also liked how you cherry picked that I was only going to buy two games when I said I planned to buy or rent several other games once I have some money.

bjornbear3493d ago

no body wins with an attitude like yours =P

MS wins! but you loose...good? you'd probably prefer it that way =P

how about...everyone wins, since, everyone seems to think they win

if i had Halo reach alan wake SC:C and so on..i wouldn't feel half the winner as i would if i just had GOWIII

but thats are you, and everyone else is everyone else, i think everyone wins

but fine, wtv makes you sleep better at night (that, the warm cup of milk and mommy's tucking of course)

Treyb3yond3493d ago

The splinter cell demo sucked.

Second: me2 is a MULTIPLATFORM games. People really need to learn the meaning of the word EXCLUSIVE!!! also, Mass Effect>>>>>> >>>>>>Mass Effect 2. It was dumbed down and overhyped.

Third: Alan Wake. Now why is that an AUTOMATIC good game? because it's on 360? really?

You never played it. Stop hyping games for the sake of your favoured console, it makes you look a tool and does nobody else any favours.

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math3494d ago

Some of these are really old, but the new renders look phenomenal

SixZeroFour3494d ago

the only ones i dont remember seeing before are 2,3,4,8,13,15 which were all concept art i believe...either way, they were impressive especially 15, detail was awesome

i wish i was able to use photoshop that well, lol

Bigpappy3493d ago

ME2 is no way overhyped and is better than ME1 is almost every way. The only thing ME1 might have over ME2 is the inventory management is deeper. Every thing else in ME2 has been improved. ME2 is still a GOTY contender for the amount of depth in choices and the quality of voice overs and all the stuff that carries over from the first.
There is no need to try and knock a great game to try and win a console fight. Your point with Alan wake is well made. The game is not out yet. It is better to ignore fanboy comments that to get emotional and make the same false comments.

TROLL EATER3494d ago

looks great but these are old images

ELite_Ghost3493d ago

yea like a couple hours old...
even a bot like you say they're outdated

kevinx10003493d ago

these screenshots are from february i think. no new ones.

gtamike1233493d ago

Good to you maybe and 360.
But very very dated to us PS3 owners.

BeaArthur3494d ago

I really hope they put Firefight in this one and add matchmaking for it. I'll be interested to see how there new matchmaking features work as well. Hopefully it will keep me out of rooms with retards. Can't wait for May.