Top Five Superhero Games Of All-Time

Gamerzines chooses its top five favourite super-hero games of all-time, which includes X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Corrwin3500d ago

Were it not for Batman: Arkham Asylum, I believe it would have been the best Superhero game of the last decade.

It's certainly better than X-Men Ledgends and Ultimate Alliance.

Corrwin3500d ago

I'm sorry... I just had a crazy moment and I thought you just wrote that inFAMOUS (a game featuring a catastrophe-born electrical man) is not a superhero game?

Perhaps you need to broaden your comic book collection to include stuff outside of Marvel and DC?

Grown Folks Talk3499d ago

realize that Cole is a videogame character period. He's no more a superhero than dude from Prototype. How many non gamers know who Cole is? How many non gamers know who Superman is?

Corrwin3499d ago

Let me get this straight, a Superhero for you cannot originate from a video game?

That makes no sense. Especially since you seem to have no problem with the No 1. on the list Freedom Force, which is not based on any comic.

What about Harley Quinn? I guess you just plain don't like her since she originated in a cartoon? What about Darkman, originated on Film. Or are Cartoons and Movies cool by you, and are part of the "acceptable list of Superhero Media"?

Or do you think a character can't be a superhero unless you and the other comic book guys can recognise them? That'll be a limitation of your own definition of a superhero, nobody else's.

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