Video Games Are Key to Success for 3D TV

PS3Informer writes, "With diminishing margins and stiffer competition in the LCD market, TV makers are hoping that this new feature will spur consumer uptake and increase profits. On the other hand, 3D movies have existed for more than 50 years on the big screen, but there has never been a major call for the technology in the living room. Have Sony and its competitors been overcome by folly, or have they hit a home run with 3D TV?"

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tinman_licks3501d ago

All you need is a killer app. Avatar was the killer app for 3D movies.

clinker3501d ago

But how many times can you watch Avatar before you get bored? I estimate that only around 4 movies per year will make full use of the 3D format. That's not necessarily enough to entice me to go buy a new TV.

But Uncharted 2 in full 3D? Hells yeah