Gaming Dead: Final Fantasy XIII Review

Kevin Roberson of GD writes: "Final Fantasy is probably the only series to maintain a cut scene to play time ratio similar to a standard DVDs movie length to menu navigation time ratio. You don't play as the characters so much as their stunt doubles in the times when the game begrudgingly lets you use the controller."

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rjguess3496d ago

Its been ahile since ive played a FF game. But i expected this to be a 9 or. ROF got a better score. I might still buy it I dont know.

Shichiro3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"I actually wind up fighting look like they were puked out of the Spore creature creator and have no allegiances or meaning to the story whatsoever"

I lol'd so damn hard....this is so true. I always find so many monsters which I wonder as to how they're created. Yeah they're only to kill but damn some of them get really random.

Edit: No matter what the review says though, we can all agree to disagree and to me, this Final Fantasy series was great. After all, it's all based on everyone's PREFERENCE.