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qface643491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

its a little early for april 1st ya know

fishd3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )


3D with no glasses!

fishd3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

English press relese:

Sounds legit o.O

That just came out of nowhere!

Edit: first mockup!

qface643491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

wow that was the most random thing to do announce a new piece of hardware out of the blue like that

i need a new DS but im starting to think ill never have a chance of getting one because a new model will be revealed 1 year later

menoyou3491d ago

i hope it will launch with the new pokemon game so baddddd! and if this piece of crap still uses friend codes i will be pissed

qface643491d ago

from what i read at kotaku its supposedly the DS successor and not simply just a new model

possible enhanced graphics etc etc
i still hope its a joke though

i still think its stupid the way they announced it would have made a bigger announcement if it was a surprise

eagle213491d ago

This baby could launch at Christmas for all we know.... :)

Jamegohanssj53491d ago

I actually had to check my pc time to see if it was already April 1st.


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3491d ago

This is cool news.

Hopefully Nintendo has taken some of the mega billions that they made off the DS and used it to create something awesome.

mugoldeneagle033491d ago

Unexpected, but sounds cool. I'm still rocking my DS Lite, so maybe this is the upgrade I'll jump on. Still though, I'm skeptical. I mean this is Nintendo we're talking about.

Also, I love this comment from James Mielke:

"Some sluething has revealed the 3DS's first year line-up: Super Mario 3D. Zelda 3D. Starfox 3D. Kirby 3DDD. Metroid 3D. Animal Crossing 3D."

HolyOrangeCows3491d ago

I never would have guessed that 3D would be the main touted feature of a HANDHELD.


smash-brother-103491d ago

e3 just got a whole lot more interesting for me

zeeshan3491d ago

3D in handheld gaming? That's very interesting! I can't wait to see what Sony will offer with PSP2. Gaming industry is so awesome!

II-Reaper-II3491d ago

Sounds true>They probably wanna get the jump on psp2 so when Sony comes out with real 3d theyll be like aaaaa no fair we thought of that first which is bull$hit.

vhero3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Portable 3D gaming is just not possible right now with current technology especially at a price point for the average consumer. I mean the panel for it alone on a device that small will be hundreds of pounds/dollars they would have to retail it at like £500/$700 to make a profit and nobody would pay that for a handheld. 3D technology is too expensive right now. Well this type is anyways.

God_Of_Epicness3491d ago

For Pokemon, i'd do anything.

happyfuntime3491d ago t writes: "HERE IS WHY THE PS3 IS TRASH AND HAS NO GAMES" [1600° 340comments] (3 hours ago)
"Nintendo releases new console" [800° 51comments] (8 hours ago)
also... can someone stab Jim Sterling. He hasn't payed yet

mikeslemonade3491d ago

Nope I refuse to buy Nintendo products.

Microsoft Xbox 3603491d ago

I guess everyone is going 3D except for the incapable Xbox 360.

Christopher3491d ago

3d w/o glasses? The only way I know to do that is with holographics, and I highly doubt they've found a way to do that at a reasonable cost since it's ridiculously overpriced technology as it is.

Also, 3d + me = no buy. I only see out of one eye. I seriously hope this isn't the 'future' of gaming, because I'd hate to miss out on some games awesome games just because I'm now a 'disabled gamer'.

indysurfn3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Notice also after going here click on the other link you will see that is has a tilt function like the IPHONE, but even MORE than that http://www.industrygamers.c... This is great stuff! Also you will see that it is being worked on by THE POKEMON team with SPECIAL attention being given to something.

@ II-Reaper-II Not only did they think of 3d handheld first but they tried it in 1995 with the virtual boy!

Wow look at all the posts by people that didn't read the article.
Yes it is a all new successor!
Yes it is fully backwards compatible.
Yes it has enhanced graphics!
Yes it is cartridge based.
Yes it is to be released within the next year possibly 13 months.
Yes it is confirmed.

darthv723491d ago

I was really hoping nintendo would have done this with the dsi when it was revealed it had support for SD card storage. Perhaps the newer 3ds will allow for games downloaded from the wii to be playable on an SD card.

I would like to be able to play some of the wiiware games or VC games on the go. DSiware is nice but really simple compared to the wiiware and VC. The ability is there but they are holding back.

Maybe nintendo will also allow for their points system to be linked between units. Tied to the user instead of one system or the other. Like sony has with the ps store I can buy with my psp and then also download the same game on my ps3 (like a ps1 classic for example).

Hardware wise it will obviously be up to par with the gamecube level of graphics. Seems the handheld ladder for nintendo has been one generation behind the current console release. Current DS is about at the N64 level so it seems only right the new 3ds will be GC quality.

EvilBlackCat3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

With out 3D Glasses ladies and gentleman

Wow i need to get rid of my DS Lite

They are just going to fnck Sony PSP once again

They better hurry and create a PSP3DGo soon because this looks cool

Hideo_Kojima3491d ago

I would really like one if it has a no glasses required 3d screen.

Can Sony now say "3D too" as they first announced that PS3 will do 3D?

Profe right there that everyone copies I hope people can get over the move copied wii natal copied eyetoy ps3 copied this and that blah blah *pukes*

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Brian52473491d ago

3D + Backwards Compatible = Day One.

eagle213491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

lol :)

Nintendo is sending Steve Jobs a clear message. :)

Comet3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

2 joysticks FTW!!!

God I wish MGS: Peace Walker would wait until PSP2 to incorporate the 2 joysticks ;(

eagle213491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

That's legit. :)

"Nintendo to unveil details at E3 show in June."

* Shares close up 0.3 pct vs Nikkei's 0.5 pct fall (Adds detail, background, closing share price)

"TOKYO, March 23 (Reuters) - Nintendo Co Ltd (7974.OS) plans to launch a new model of its DS handheld game gear that allows users to play three-dimensional (3D) games without using special glasses."

"The Japanese firm said the new portable player will be able to play titles created for previous DS models and will be launched in the financial year starting in April."

"Nintendo, which competes with Sony Corp (6758.T) and Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) in video games, declined to give details such as price and launch dates, but said more information will be announced at the E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles in June."

"Sony plans to release 3D titles for its PlayStation 3 game console in time for the planned release of its 3D TVs in June. That game console can be upgraded to become 3D-capable using a software update."

"Ahead of the announcement, shares in Nintendo closed up 0.3 percent at 27,970 yen, outperforming the Nikkei average .N225, which slid 0.5 percent."

lightningsax3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Dude! Nice find! I love it when people move the rumor-mill stuff to more authoritative places.

I see your business-world rumor confirmation post and raise it an free-access article from IEEE on autostereoscopic 3D displays! According to Google Scholar, at least 112 other papers have cited this one:

And yes, it's from five years ago.

SpoonyRedMage3491d ago

Wowsa, does seem like a random time to announce it or is it a leak?

I can't wait to see it anyway. Looks like the XL was the equivalent of the Micro.

VegaShinra3491d ago

I think Nintendo of Japan made a leak right here. Wouldn't be surprised if it "vanishes" tomorrow. Let's see if NoA confirms it tomorrow.