Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Known Issues List Released

DICE has released a list of known issues the developer is currently investigating for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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chak_3493d ago

hm great but when I read

Whilst an issue, unlikely to be addressed.

i'm like "oh yeah, why is that?"

Pumbli3493d ago

No game is perfect... Besides Uncharted 2. :P

Jk jk, but at least they are talking about fixing the glitches, they're even nice enough to give us a list (unlike some dev we all know *cough*Javelin glitch*cough*).

JussBlazn3492d ago

don't forget about consoles DICE!

t8503492d ago

Played 20hours of MP so far. Game is rock solid overall. my 4870x2 runs this game @ 100fps+ 1080p.

omni_atlas3492d ago

buggy, but at least they are dedicated to fix it, unlike another well known shooter.

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