Infinity Ward Prefer the Playstation 3?

NextGN writes: "It's been a while since Modern Warfare 2 released, more than enough time for people to rank up like crazy and improve their skills – maybe even enough time for some of you to get so bored that you spend more time hunting for Easter eggs rather than pawning some n00bz.

Worghal, captain of our Design Team, pointed out a rather interesting discovery; in the Estate map there's a little console box and, boy, does it resemble the PlayStation 3. Though it may be old news to some I still went ahead and compared it to the PlayStation 3 60GB box."

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thebudgetgamer3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

next cod exclusive to the gamestation?
next week on the hiphopgamer show.

Canucks233495d ago

This is the dumbest thing i've ever read... just because they copied the ps3's box doesn't mean they're biased towards it. If anything IW's biased towards the 360

Rumor3495d ago

and they market modern warfare as if it were a 360 exclusive...?

yeah, and today i had a martini with Obama and The First Lady :/

badz1493495d ago

if IW starts doing what Kojima-san did in MGS4; putting real PS3 + real Mac and iPod in the game, then we talk! if not, this is stupid more than anything!

AridSpider3494d ago

Rofl sure, that's why they:

- launched CoD4 beta on the 360 only
- showed nothing but then using 360 during MW2's development
- let someone else handle the online multiplayer in CoD4 and MW2

surrrrre. For all we know they could be making fun of it.

3494d ago
vhero3494d ago

Well who says you can't get PS3 quality on the 360?? Just look there! its just hiding in a new name :p

Meryl3494d ago

all of the dumb moves was made by Activision, not IW, they just get told what to do and do it, I reckon deep down they think PS3 is a beast.
Now IW is no longer using Activision as a publisher, I wonder if the next shooyer will be ps3 exclusive??

Scolar Visari3494d ago

Why are you speaking as though this is fact?

LesterCorncrake3494d ago

well the dvd cases on the mantlepiece next to the console itself appear to me snot green which in this context must mean that they prefer the ps3 console but prefer the xbox games...omg the ps3 must be hacked

NeoSprtacus3494d ago

Maybe they're tired of trying to fix all of the multiplayer glitches/mods that are more present on 360...

DJexs3494d ago

It is like the Gamecast

HSx93494d ago

Hardly looks like the PS TRIPLE.

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PeterPanParadox3495d ago

the similarities are uncanny.

Das_Bastardion3495d ago

Another flame article... when is this going to stop?

wrong question...

Will it EVER stop? --- fixed

AngryTypingGuy3494d ago

The 360 is cheaper to develop for and sells more COD games. I'm willing to bet that the box was just a simple spoof and they prefer whichever platform is most profitable for them to develop for. This gen, it's probably MS.

RedDragan3494d ago


Considering they are only porting for the PS3, and that Sony charges less to actually sell a game for their console I would bet alot of money on them making more profit from the PS3.

AngryTypingGuy3493d ago

Maybe you're right RD. How much does each company charge?

120FPS3495d ago

The design of the console looks like a black version of the Amstrad GX4000

So does that mean IW prefer the GX4OOO???

Dumb article submitted and written by dumb fanboys

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The story is too old to be commented.