Top 10 must-have features for Xbox 360 Slim

All signs point to "yes" for an Xbox 360 console refresh after what appears to be a leaked motherboard photo surfaced on a Chinese gaming forum.

We first dropped the notion of such a move last August; we're hoping Microsoft uses this opportunity to address a number of complaints, annoyances, and other hiccups most of us have experienced during the first 4.5 years of Xbox 360 ownership.

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-Alpha4755d ago

-Built in Wifi
-Blu Ray (not likely)
-Ability to hold multiple discs at once (good for those multi-disc games like FF13)
-Built in power brick

Hm... what else...

swiftshot934755d ago

They're asking to make it like a PS3? They wont do that. They'll do whatever makes the console cheaper to produce.

FangBlade4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I'm still waiting for a 42nm motherboard from Microsoft.

kaveti66164755d ago

Microsoft is not catering to an HD-ready audience.

I get it now. They went after the budget market. In my case, it worked out exceptionally well because I don't have an HDTV, so I don't have an HDMI cable, and I don't need a Blu-Ray player because I don't have an HDTV. In that sense, my 360 is the perfect fit for me.

However, I do also have a PS3, and that's where my heart is in sorrow. The PS3 does have a blu-ray player, and most of its exclusives are in HD. In short, the PS3 is catered to an HD ready market right out of the box, but I can't enjoy the HD that PS3 provides.

PS3 fanboys who scorn the 360 for sub-HD games like Halo 3 and Splinter Cell Conviction and FFXIII (360 version) can laugh just a tad more knowing that my television's highest resolution is 480p. Thus, the 360s tech is still very much beyond what I can handle. Don't even get me started on how bitter I am about having to play games like KZ2 and UC2 in 480p.

qface644755d ago

i bet if a slim 360 it won't have many heck it won't have any of the things on that list

besides maybe being more quiet

The Wood4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

lmao..... good sport

HolyOrangeCows4755d ago

It'll be funny when it has a better failure rate and the xbox fanboys pretend like the other 40 million xboxs no longer exist.

The user replaceable HDD will never happen. Microsoft makes way too much profit off of those tiny things. 60GB for $100.....pfft.

thereapersson4755d ago


well-played, good sir

Syronicus4755d ago

Built-In WiFi - Not going to happen.
Quieter - Possible
Built-In Power Brick - Yeah right...
Quality Control - Here's something to hope for...
Better Cloud Based Storage - Do they have any right now?
User Replaceable HDD Storage - Not going to happen.
Better USB Support - Who needs it?
BD Support - NEVER going to happen.
Slot-Loading Drive - That would require new tech - Won't happen.
Netflix for Silver Members - What, you want something free from MS?

Good luck.

aaron58294755d ago

bluray drive wont happen.

however, a built in wifi and get rid of that god damn rrod...

i'm sold...

MorganX4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

If the XSlim rumors are true, I doubt they add any hard features. If they do, here's what I think they need:

- Silence
- USB 3.0 (This would solve Blu-Ray problem as external would do fine)
- HDMI Chip that supports DTS-MA and TrueHD Audio Codecs with bitstreaming. Right now Xbox is not even in the same league with PS3 as far as HD Audio goes.
- Incremental GPU bump wouldn't hurt and won't happen.

That's really all the Xbox needs. Well built-in Wireless-N but that won't happen due to cost. Too bad MS won't open the Xbox to third party wireless. You can get a mini-N adapter for $19 on the street.

God_Of_Epicness4755d ago

By making it absolutely like PS3? Yup. That'll be a big win for MS but when PS4 comes out, 720 will be last-gen when compared to it.

ThanatosDMC4755d ago

Or... you could buy a PS3. I highly recommend MAG and Killzone 2 for FPS lovers. Play it on an HDTV seriously.

MorganX4755d ago

If PS3 had Live!, XBLA's Games, and Xbox's Controller, I wouldn't give XBOX a second thought.

Kev20774755d ago

mmm got to make the console smaller but add more features ..mmm i see a bit of a problem :(

Exquisik4755d ago

Only things I'm hoping the 360 Slim would have are better heatsinks and better ventilation! Seriously, all the other features will render useless if the GPU gets hot fast and overheat the motherboard. The heatsinks that came with the original 360 are poorly designed and are not much useful at all. And please do not solder the GPU and CPU onto the motherboard!

sid4gamerfreak4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

if microsoft do all those things mentioned in the article, I'll eat my hat. Seriously.

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timzone4755d ago

Why not just buy a PS3?

mcnablejr4755d ago

people wanna play good games....

(on an xbox)

Lord Vader4755d ago

Because of the games. No MASS EFFECT, No HALO, No GEARS, & most importantly, no XBL, partys, demos, & CHAT.

I have both machines, Sonys got some great exclusives (UC2, GOW3) but PSN doesnt hardly get any content compared to XBL (demos), navigation is slow & clumsy, no parties, no cross game chat... PSN still has A LONG way to go. Great for a few stellar SP titles, but MP & online gaming with friends, not so much.

VenerableBmoney4755d ago

Agreed. Anyone here can look back at my comment history and see that I support both consoles for their positives, but comparing the 360 pay service to the PS3 free service is comparing two completely different entities. Sony still has yet to add cross-game party/chat support (something the 360 made a big show of adding with the NXE update).

There has to be a reason Microsoft charges for their service. It makes more sense for them to offer it free to compete with Sony. Clearly, if they could make it free, they would, since that would help them sell more consoles.

So instead of complaining, ask yourself why the console with the $4.50/month pay service is still outselling the free online service, onboard wi-fi having, "it only does everything" console.

Gradient4755d ago

You're just begging for RROD.

Godmars2904755d ago

Guessing I'm not the only one seeing that the Slim 360 Cnet wants is a PS3.

alphakennybody4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

does anyone remember the article published by Cnet saying that buying a sony blu-ray laptop is the better choice than investing in a ps3 slim right after it was announced? Now that its a 360 slim, they want almost the same features as the ps3 on it? double standard much?

PirateThom4755d ago

Funny that.

But there's no bias in the media. It's all an illusion.

Eamon4755d ago

Why do you guys get so worked up about these things?

The Wood4755d ago

worked up you say...looked like a valid comment to me...i mean its not like they typed in FULL CAPS like they're shouting...CNET can be full of sh!te, they just highlighted it imo....y

Godmars2904754d ago

Would love to know how anyone is getting worked up over this.

Would also like to know if MS does do all of these changes, include BR and wi-fi, do people also expect the system to remain "cheap?" Do they also expect devs to deal with the headache of publishing 360 games on BR knowing that they'll have to still print games on DVD9 because of the older consoles?

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Omega44755d ago

As long as its an improved design (unlike some slims) and has a decent sized harddrive I will buy it.

The Wood4755d ago

never let up do u greenberg

mcnablejr4755d ago

he was pointing out the ps3 slim.. and i agree it doesnt look nice.
compared to the sleek (if fat) model.