Microsoft Already Working on Natal Follow-up

Project Natal hasn't yet made its way to stores - heck, Natal might not even be its final name - but that's not stopping Microsoft from researching the next iteration of their motion sensing technology. The Sydney Morning Herald recently chatted it up with several Microsoft insiders, and one in particular suggested that the development of Natal 2 is already underway.

"We are aware that we are not necessarily a media darling," divulged Microsoft Research Asia managing director Hsiao-Wuen Hon. "People don't perceive us as innovative as we actually are. Many of them use our products but don't know it."

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kaveti66163494d ago

I know this is just a stupid blog article, but I must say, if the quotation it contains is credible., then shame on MS. The spokesperson said and I quote:

"“We are aware that we are not necessarily a media darling,” divulged Microsoft Research Asia managing director Hsiao-Wuen Hon. “People don’t perceive us as innovative as we actually are. Many of them use our products but don’t know it.”

Hon continued, “And when we do invent something first like the Natal kind of scenario, while we have a researcher working with the product group for the first version, we already have a researcher thinking about the second version down the road so we certainly hope we will continue to be holding that technology. I really love what Microsoft is doing.”

Microsoft did not invent Natal. Microsoft brought out a company called 3DV or something like that, and acquired the tech from them. And in any case, the tech and concepts have been around for years. I need not mention from where.

aaron58293494d ago

Tell me where !

or maybe not.. i think i know.. i KNOW i know.

Foxgod3494d ago

Natal is not the same as the 3DV thing.
Natal is not based on a TOF product, and is entirely developed by MS themselves, stop spreading fake rumors.

3493d ago
Triella3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

The camera maybe (if you discount the fact that they had to acquire the company Prime Sense to build it) but the software implementation for movement recognition and the devkits are all from Gesturetek

look at this video :

and for all those who say that Natal is so much more advanced than the Eyetoy, this company was also responsible for the recognition software implemented in Sony's Eyetoy camera and was even involved in it's developpment back then (and it has nothing to do with the actual PSEye if you ask).

van-essa3493d ago

of course they are working on next gen.... thats how it works with any product ever made... unless it sucks ass and company wants to discontinue it

leila013493d ago

All companies start R&D on the next iteration right when the first is ready.

lzim3493d ago

things like this make me think they need serious managers there like Kotick.. imagine what MS would be like if they didn't just iterate for the sake of it, but actually released stuff Gosh!

the thing about their products being ubiquitous is fine but they have so much more unfinished stuff that never gets productized that people should feel bedeviled by Microsoft's crappy PR and all those billions lost on fruitless research.

OmegaSlayer3493d ago

Microsoft already working on Natal FoLlOw-uP

TheLastLevel3493d ago

I see what you did there... lol

darkmurder3493d ago

Kaveti MS bought out 3DV for their patents not their tech.

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Gradient3494d ago

Microsoft, oh Microsoft.

Foxgod3494d ago

I can guarantee you that Sony is also working on the successor to the Move, every company got a roadmap with products to be developed in the future, and has some R&D going on, on the roadmap.

ThatCanadianGuy3494d ago

It's almost as if they are expecting it to fail.

Godmars2903494d ago

Or that they're rushing it.

Foxgod3494d ago

If they expect it to fail, they wouldnt waste time in making another one.

palaeomerus3493d ago

It's almost as if Microsoft understands the concept of a product life cycle (like any manufacturer should) where's the fire again?

lzim3493d ago

ner, the point is better phrased as this, like any Xbox related product is a testbed.

They'll release it to the public, have us pay to beta test it while they work on a better product that ends up being obsolete by the time it is ready for the market. (hence they both effectively fail)

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xbotpleasefixme3494d ago

They know that Natal doesn't work like it should. Why else would they already be working on another one?

Wrathman3493d ago

@above..unlike sonys move..they already know the wii works!

ur comment just proves that natal is move innovative and advanced than just a already has a camera like the eye if you assume that natal doesnt work then it proves wot i just said.


avengers19783493d ago

First off MS xbox camera is not as good as Playstations, Second this should tell everyone not to even bother buying the first itteration of Natal because they will have a more improved version shortly after.
All that being said it is not surprising that they would do this, Natal currently has no xbl support, can only function with Natal specific games, Facial recognition software was scrapped, and the biggest draw Milo is nothing but a simulation. Move is a nice little option for sony, but Natal is the 360 life support system if Natal fails the 360 will be right behind it. Considering the are counting on it to increase the life span of the console 3 or 4 years.

lh_swe3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Because the ohohohonly reason you guys are b***ing is because you are fanboys, if it wasn't for your blind ignorance you wouldn't give a damn about either motion controller/tech "beating" the other.

DelbertGrady3493d ago

I can swear I read this yesterday.

BeaArthur3493d ago

haha, I was thinking the same thing. None of the contributors do they're job on this site. Stories constantly get repeated and repeated again.

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