Capcom Outlines Mega Man 10 Time Attack DLC

Longtime series fans will recognize a few familiar faces coming to Mega Man 10 in the form of downloadable content. We already knew about Bass coming as a playable character, but Capcom is reaching into the archives in some other ways as well. Today the company revealed the bosses of the three Time Attack stages that will be coming out over the next few months. Each of the bosses hails from one of the old Gameboy games. For younger readers, the Gameboy was like the DS, but it only had one screen and two colors.

First up is Enker, from Dr. Wily's Revenge, as the boss of Special Stage 1, which is due out April 5. The second Special Stage, to be available on April 26, features Punk from the GB Mega Man 3. Finally, at an unannounced date, Ballade from Mega Man 4 will join the fray in Special Stage 3.

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