The Bitbag Impressions: Need for Speed World/Skate 3

The Bitbag writes: "Back on March 3rd, 2010 EA had a event that showed off a lot of their upcoming titles. I was shown, and have here for you, an exclusive bitbag preview for not one…but two games, Need for Speed World and Skate 3. Now lets start off this preview with Need for Speed World.

World is more then what you have come to expect from the traditional Need for Speed games. Now you may ask, what's so different you still drive and race? And you would have a valid question, but with valid questions come great answers. Now your fist answer is that this game is PC only and to add another bombshell to that answer its an MMORG. Now as you pick up your brain from the ground, an MMORG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game. Yes that means that you and your friends can drive around the massive 150 miles of open road and gain XP while doing so. Does this sound good to you? Well if it does its about to get even better. Because Need for Speed World is a free to play game, that's correct you have no monthly fees if you purchase World. Only thing you will need is the correct PC hardware to run the game."

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