MGS4 at 1080P? Informal Interview with Hideo Kojima

An MGS fan ran into Hideo Kojima at Comic-Con 2006 and somehow managed to score an awkward interview. Hideo offers up some interesting details about the upcoming MGS4.

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TheMART5411d ago

It's holy moly chit chat guessing. A guy who has a photo with this man says he has a whole conversation with this guy about facts he probably doesn't want to give to the public.

Furthermore, if the story is true, the Japanese guy said 1080. No 'p' or anything there. Could be 1080i, and he stated: Sony is pushing it.

Sony needs it. There aren't so many 1080 i or p games for PS. Almost all will be in 720p and that's hard enough to get descent frame rates on the hardware

TheXgamerLive5410d ago

First let me say that MGS4 is a wonderful CGI and I want to release it in theaters nationwide, ??what?? as a game on the ps3, lmao!!!! No No... the ps3 doesnt play games like this, it's more a ratchet and clank kinda machine, havent you seen it's masive problems with bottlenecking and freezeing up in a simple game?? No, sony and the ps3 can and will never play this as a game as long as it continues to have major problems.

This would of been more like it:)) The Truth hurts.

TheXgamerLive5410d ago (Edited 5410d ago )

I dont think the ps3 is a very good machine as we speak but it has potential to be better than it is, that's for sure, but I don't like sony at all. They seem to thrive on the BS there dishing out and it's gonna put them in a deep 3rd place in consoles and well deserved from my point of view. Again, as we speak, the ps3 coudn't handle or even play MGS4 so it's a no brainer. Sony has major problems in front of it. What's it doing to keep last march's show from being a release date repeat??

Karibu5408d ago

Again BS xbug attack =)

FYI Xgamer, Hideo said graphics will improve from what we have seen so far.

blindrocket5408d ago

The “interview” wasn’t even with Hideo Kojima. Perhaps people posting “news” should actually read what they are posting.

Mr Bubbles5408d ago

But that guy's name wasn't mentioned in the write up. In any case, I DID read the whole story and note that it's filed as a 'rumor'.

It sounds like Sony is busting their balls to take advantage of the PS3 features that separate it from the 360: storage capacity for the long cinematics, tilt feature for snapping necks, 1080p...for the hell of it.

I think there may have been some heat exchanged after Hideo said MGS4 was completely possible on the 360. My guess is that if the lead developer of MGS4 (or whoever the other guy with Hideo was) is telling some nerd at comic-con these things, we're probably gonna continue to hear this type of emphasis coming out of their camp.

I'm a happy 360 owner, but for the sake of MGS4, I hope Sony's corporate muscle doesn't get in the way of the game designers' original vision.

ApocalypseShadow5408d ago

the guys hair and face structure aren't the same.he's not going to go into detail with some nobody and give him information about the it's wii60.a site that has videos constantly bashing the about a picture with the glasses off.or a picture of his badge.bogus until proven true

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