GeForce GTX 480 Poses Next to Radeon HD 5970

The official Benchmarks will be out soon. For now lets enjoy the Pics. The 5970 was by far the largest card ever released. These Pics Compare the 480 up against the current champion the 5970.

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champ214815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

Its cool the GTX 480 is slightly smaller, people with smaller casings can consider this one as an option.


its the 5970 which is compared in this pic, which is a dual gpu solution which is why the large size. the 5870 is comparable to GTX480 in size, hence the rest of the 5xxx series is fine for smaller casings.

kwicksandz4815d ago

yup my case is ATX spec and it still barely fits in a GTX 275. 5xxx series are larger still!

toaster4815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

The 480 is a single chip card so it shouldn't be compared to a 5970..
The 5970 is a behemoth and needs a lot of space. I don't see that problem with the 480.

dirthurts4815d ago

The ATI card is also a dual GPU card. Shouldn't they have put it up against the 5850?

champ214815d ago

they should put it up agaisnt the 5870.

GTX470 should be put up against the 5850.

toaster4815d ago

A dual-chip Fermi card should be released soon after these single chip cards.

kevnb4815d ago

I want dx11, but not for 400 bucks lol.

champ214815d ago (Edited 4815d ago )

The GTX480 is rumored to be 500usd

If you must have DX11 and want it at a good price:

5770 150usd

Does 1080p in all games 60fps+

Highend cards these days are an overkill.

joydestroy4815d ago

the gtx 470 is supposed to be $349

dirthurts4815d ago

The 5830 will come down to affordable prices too.

arny4815d ago

I am happy with my current pc with 2560p I play unreal tournament all the time at 160 fps

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