Rumor: Sony makes a big exclusivity deal

From the article: We have received a tip from a source close to the gaming community that Sony plans on announcing something at E3 that will be on the scale of "when Sony announced GTA: San Andres' timed exclusivity".


Update: "There will be a few announcements, not one. I cannot tell you anything more."

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fr0sty3492d ago

both mgs rising and ff14 are likely. not so much gt5 since the source was so careful to point out that it didn't mean it was a rockstar game (but they also didn't say it wasn't from R* either).

blitz06233492d ago

Wonder what the reaction would be if Square decided on an FFVII remake.

qface643492d ago

(insert name here) has a big surprise for E3 wow that prediction is so awesome

Kerrby3492d ago

Three things.

1. "when Sony announced GTA: San Andres' timed exclusivity" isn't overly that big.

2. Even if it was something like timed-exclusivity (the article didn't specify), Sony aren't Microsoft and wouldn't waste their money on that.

3. NOTHING was even said about the announcement. Just that Sony has a "big surprise". As said above, when don't they have a big surprise at E3 :/.

fr0sty3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

"Sony aren't Microsoft and wouldn't waste their money on that. "

Oh, and you think that FF13 being exclusive in japan and Ghostbusters exclusive in europe weren't paid for by Sony?

And how is announcing the timed exclusivity of a game that sold over 20 million copies (17.3 mil of those on ps2) not a big deal?

Biggest3492d ago

While I know nothing about the Ghostbusters deal (Did anyone seriously care about that game?) I do know that the install base for 360 in Japan is lacking. You would have to pay Square-Enix to make it for 360. The cost of putting the game together would be far above the sales figures.

Devil MAY KILL3492d ago

1-Final Fantasy VII remake


2-devil may cry 6


3-gears of war 3.


4-Metal Gear Solid 5


5-Grand Theft Auto 5

Finalfantasykid3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

1.6 - re: Final Fantasy VII
THAT would be megaton.

I think that would be a naquadah enhanced gigaton

despair3492d ago

@ frosty

the FFXIII exclusivity in japan was a square enix thing not sony as the install base of x360s in japan is borderline none...not to mention no japanese person is going to play it on a 360 when they have a ps3 as choice.

Don't know about the ghostbuster thing but you can be sure Sony won't do a dumb move like play a crap load of money for a couple months exclusive take the GTA4 addons, its coming to ps3 and pc soon while microsoft paid a lot for a few months. Sony on the other hand got the joker challenges in Batman AA exclusive and it still hasn't and probably won't ever be available on the 360.

SnuggleBandit3492d ago

please please please be grand theft auto 5!!!!!

mikeslemonade3492d ago

GTA5 should be only for PS3, PC, and Xbox 720. If it comes out for 360 than it's going to be a last gen game like how GTA4 was. We're still waiting for a current gen GTA and so far Agent seems like it's going to be the first.

Maddens Raiders3492d ago

they would say all games should be exclusive to the PS3. The PS3 should be the lead on all games going forward until nextnext gen. That's being fair to yourself and all other gamers as no game would be purposefully retarded (technically) or dumbed down. This is a scenario for a perfect world, because of course some won't know how to intelligently interpret my words and will burn up in a crucible of their own "i'll be damned" beliefs. I'm just a messenger, reality speaks for itself quite well. Ok, I'm done.

Sarcasm3492d ago

Big Surprise = Killzone 3 or Resistance 3.

People should stop hyping E3 to the ends of the world and go in an insane madness waiting to find out what it is though. Let's just let E3 come when it comes.

SCThor3492d ago

Bubbles for the Stargate reference over there...nice one

Digitaldude3491d ago

Juicy. Despite all the rumors one thing is sure, E3 will own this year.

vhero3491d ago

@fr0sty - hahahaha you honestly think Sony paid for exclusivity for FFXIII in Japan? S-E publiclly came out and said it was due to the fact there was so little 360's in Japan it was not cost effective to make a Japanese version of the 360 port. God 360 fanboys just show how stupid they are time and time again.

As for ghostbusters don't Sony like own movie rights to the game? so technically it didn't cost them a penny to make that deal? Basically that deal was made in return for the creators to release the game on 360? So yeah.. Sony havn't paid for exclusives this gen like MS especially timed ones not that we publicly know anyways.

BattleAxe3491d ago

Could be Medal of Honor seeing as how its already using the PS3 as the lead platform.

Jamegohanssj53491d ago

It will only be big to me if they announce GTA VC PS3. Other than that it's small news.


Syronicus3491d ago

It will be awesome. Each year, Sony has announced something that in some cases seemed underwhelming but turned out to be awesome. Look at MAG, it was not the biggest or best announcement last year but the game turned out to be great and it pushed the limits of online gaming for a console. You can bet that this year, Sony will be announcing something that will blow your mind. Pure and simple.

mugoldeneagle033491d ago

I really see no reason for Sony to spend money (I assume) when their lineup for 2010 is this strong. Exclusively Sony still has GT5, FFXIV, The Last Guardian, Agent, Mod Nation Racers, DC Universe, The Agency and SOCOM 4 (obviously all pending release dates)

That's not including rumored titles like Killzone 3, Resistance 3, "Starhawk", Twisted Metal let alone PlayStation Move and incorporate 3D gaming. That's A LOT of stuff to show off.

However, if, and this is a very big IF, they did snag some exclusive title my short list would be FFVII or Star Wars Battlefront III. If I remember correctly it was said Slant Six took the reigns after Free Radical dropped out right? Or hell, maybe even Force Unleashed 2. Sony has always had a strong relationship with LucasArts, and it'd be pretty damn cool if they focused their development time on using the 'Move' to the best of it's ability. Very attractive title to both kids and adults...

But yeah, I won't hold my breath. E3 will be big enough

(Sorry for long post)

UltraNova3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Mass effect 1,2 and 3 on a single bluray disc slated for February 2011!

Just kidding :p

or if Sony wants to pay for an exclusive they can go as big as it gets and help Valve repent by making Half Life 3 PS3 and PC exclusive (well some people call these games exclusives so why cant I right? )

sikbeta3491d ago

If it's going to be REAL Exclusive [no timed-exclusive] and for a "Big Game" is Great, if not, I prefer a New IP Developed by First Paty Devs with that money

kevnb3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

its already announced for pc, same with the agency and dc universe.

arny3491d ago

If valve starts making games for ps3 it will be for 360 too they cant jsut send off the 360

guitarded773491d ago

I'm with you on this one (however unlikely it may be) I'm hoping for some SWBF3 or SWBF Online (I don't care what they're calling it, I just want it... like 12 months ago). Rumor is LA and Slant 6 are working on it and having /6 involved could mean PS3 as the lead platform, suggesting PS3 release exclusive... but the author doesn't give too much to go on... but at least it's a new hope.

ThanatosDMC3491d ago

I just hope it can stand against a first party or second party exclusive game since we know how those look like.

mugoldeneagle033491d ago

I know they're on PC, but I'm not one of those if it's on PC it's not exclusive guys. I game on consoles, that's all that matters to me. That and my PC blows, ha.

indysurfn3491d ago

The only thing on that scale would be WOW as in World of warcraft! Even crysis and FFVII would not be as big and have as big of a impact as GTA was back in the day.

UltraNova3491d ago

Do you think that Rockstar would intentionally gimp GTA IV by putting it on a single DVD with even less space than the previous generation? I think not, that's not like Rockstar. BUT! When a big ass check comes banging on your door then you know what happens. Plus, GTA DLC timed exclusive to 360 (what happened to the love they had for Sony for 2 generations??).

What I am saying is that for the right amount of money Valve could even start bashing on the 360 for all I know! Based on Valve and their production values it would only make sense to develop a game of that caliber (HL3)on the ps3 first to take advantage of the blu-ray and the extra grant of the ps3, have it as time exclusive and then port it to the 360 a year later.. Even the factor of a game getting old (after a year as ps3/pc timed exclusive)would not apply to HL3, cause we all know we NEED to play that game!

Thats my 2 cents..

xAlmostPro3491d ago

non rockstar games- ff14 could be announced exclusive or timed.

the same with metal gear rising, i think could be announced as a timed exclusive.

or timed exclusivity on medal of honour.

or this new hydraphobia game.

Rockstar Games - i think due to the recent talk, LA Noire could infact become ps3 exclusive again, or timed.

or like many others here possibly Grand theft auto 5, although it seems very cliche.

i say all of these ones, because its obviously got to be something that was announced multi platform or usually multi platform if its going to be on the same scale..

MrMiyagi3491d ago

this had better not be one of those games that were built multiplatform at first, then turned exclusive later e.g. Haze

if i want an exclusive game, it better be built to take full advantage of the cell processor!

InfectedDK3491d ago

Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead for PS3..
Lol, would destroy the 360.. xb

gintoki7773491d ago

this is cool but what i really want is for sony to not lose ffvs13 please dont fck up this time.

xAlmostPro3491d ago

FEAR 3 has just been announced.. maybe thats gonna be exclusive? ..

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thebudgetgamer3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

get out of town.

Edit: no im just being smarmy

fr0sty3492d ago

did you even read the article?

ak3nji3491d ago

for using the word 'smarmy' properly and without hesitation

life_sucks2443486d ago

I Hope its a New Hitman! Ive been waiting for Hitman(Working Title) to be out since Blood Money

ThatCanadianGuy3492d ago

Mass effect 2 coming to PS3.

fr0sty3492d ago

This was one of the first possibilities to cross my mind, but it isn't quite GTA big.

-Alpha3492d ago

I wouldn't be TOO excited though. Many "PS3 game rumors" tend out to fizzle out, not come true, or fall short of expectations. I'm cautiously optimistic.

SnuggleBandit3492d ago

Ya but would that fall under the category of exclusivity deal?

NewYork2143492d ago

ME2 also was the first thing that i thought of.

holyorangecows23492d ago

No I don't think it's that. That wouldn't be big like GTA going exclusive seeing how we all know that is already gonna happen it's just a matter of when ME2 will go to the PS3.

ThatCanadianGuy3492d ago

The article states it doesn't technically mean "Exclusivity deal" It's more of a big time announcement.

What's a bigger announcement than taking the highest rated semi-exclusive game from your competition?

holyorangecows23492d ago

Well it would be big if no one expected it but everyone expects ME2 to be announced for the PS3. Seeing how coy EA and Bioware are about answering whether it will come to the PS3. So I just don't think it's if it does turn out to be ME2 that would disappointing.

Denethor_II3491d ago

Just play it on your PC:)

arny3491d ago

me2 is not coming for ps3.. jsut play it on your pc.. even if it comes to ps3 the pc version will still be better besides they cant release me2 for ps3 because me follows some thing called a story line so they would release me2 for ps3 only if me came too

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Coded-Dude3492d ago

I'm curious as to what game it could be. maybe a big sports

poontab3491d ago

File it under rumor for now but I heard companies like to make big announcements at E3. Was it not you who posted this garbage?

Coded-Dude3491d ago

yes i posted this here......why? you don't want like discussing gaming news/rumors? why are you even here? If this announcement is as big as the GTA one, then you can rest assured that the title getting the timed exclusive is a major multiplat title, or a major exclusive title to the other side that is going multiplat with a ps3 release first.

poontab3491d ago

"why? you don't want like discussing gaming news/rumors?"

Yes very much please, do you know of any "news/rumors" because it's not that I "don't want like discussing" but this isn't a rumor or news its a fact. Ever heard of E3? That's what every video game company in the industry does there. They make a big announcement about stuff that only they are doing, sometimes if you've been good all year they make more!

This article is on the same level as stating "Cake=Delicious" or "Pain Hurts!".