Opinion: PlayStation Move could be a hard sell for casual gamers

Gamertell has posted an opinion piece that poses that Sony's motion control device, the Playstation Move, will be difficult to accept. The article cites marketing and price as the major sticking points.

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2FootYard3493d ago

This article is mistaken. The masses will embrace this marvelous device with open arms and with the utmost enthusiasm. Imagine the possibilities for dancing games: You're standing in front of a dazzled audience wielding a Move controller in both hands. A digital Britney Spears begins the dance. You imitate her arm motions and the crowd goes wild. The crystal at the end of the dildo is displaying magnificent colors never before seen by the human eye. You will be overcome with pure bliss which will put you in a trance like state. While in this state you will be capable of achieving magnificent feats although you will become addicted to inhaling computer dusters.

Gradient3493d ago

Actually it could be an easy sell to casuals.

vhero3493d ago

Yeah and Sony didn't release 2 massively successful consoles because they have no idea how to launch a new product. They know what they are doing especially over some 2bit writer.