The Witcher 2 announcement coming this month

Fans of the Witcher, get ready! It seems CD Projekt Red is nearly ready to officially announce the sequel to the excellent PC RPG from a few years back.

The official website has been updated, leaving only a "Forums" link so that discussion may generate and hype will undoubtedly rise.


Update! The Official Trailer has been released, link is inside as well.

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champ213499d ago

The original Witcher was awesome. Saw some videos of witcher 2 on youtube looks like a great game in the making.

Simon_Brezhnev3499d ago

Ive been waiting for this. I hope it comes out this year. This is probably going to be the best WRPG for a while.

t8503499d ago

Its rpg of the year material easy.

Myze3499d ago

I loved the first game, and this will probably be one of my most anticipated titles. However, for the love of God, please hire some people that can animate at least decently. The Witcher had some of the worst animations I've seen since the ps1 days when 3D was first introduced. Even the cutscenes were poorly animated.

I liked most everything else in the game (after all the bugs were fixed); great battle system, atmosphere, storyline, etc., and I even liked that the game wasn't completely open-ended. That gives the game focus, which is one of my biggest problems with the Elder Scrolls games and Fallout 3 (good games, but still in the end feel like they have no ultimate goal/purpose). I'm not asking for a linear game, I just don't want them to change the game from story focused to side-quest focused with storyline on the side.

champ213499d ago

come to think of it.. its time for another Witcher playthrough, this time with hi res texture mods and eyefinity.

chak_3499d ago

A bit more open and I'm sold