Too old to play video games?

Since their inception, video games have been seen by the public as somewhat "childish", a pastime reserved for the same shelf as action figures and pogs (remember pogs?). But all of that started in a different generation, when the video game business was hardly a business at all. Now it's an $11+ billion a year industry, a generation and a half in, and sporting some of the most modern graphics and interface technology to date. If video games have changed this much, shouldn't the gamers change demographically as well? And this begs the question that many current young professionals and middle-age gamers are asking themselves. How old is too old to play video games?

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DanCrabtree3499d ago

hopefully never. but the games will have to grow with me.

tmurder3498d ago

I'll never grow out of playing videogames. Sorry future fiance, but that's just the way it is, and our future kids will play them too.