Is it time for the PSPGo to Go? writes:

Sales of the Go in Japan have plummeted.

At launch the PSP Go sold less than 30k units during it's first week in Japan. Now it averages slightly more than 1k a week. In comparison,the regular version of the original PSP sold 39k units in Japan this week pass alone.

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NateNater3494d ago

I say slap a second analog stick on that baby and add support for it in past and future games; then watch em' fly off the shelves.

-Alpha3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

One of the problems with the Go is that it really isn't anything new. It's just PSP with Digital Distribution priced ridiculously high that only real portable gamers would love. I don't see the point in buying a PSP Go when I can buy the same thing for cheaper (PSP 3000), add $50 and buy a whole new PS3, or better yet, just wait for the rumored PSP2.

That is exactly why the second analog stick wasn't added, much to the disappointment of fans: it simply wasn't a new PSP, just the same PSP we've all known with a new leather jacket.

That is essentially the problem with the GO. It's paced poorly like the Sega Dreamcast and the PSP2, if rumors are to be expected, will just replace it.

MEsoJD3494d ago

needs to have a second analogue stick and needs to be a cell phone.

I would buy it like that. Iphone can suck my balls if a psp phone came

out but sadly that's not the case right now.

Anorexorcist3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The PSPGo itself doesn't need to go anywhere. The only part of it that needs to hit the bricks is the high price tag.

I have always been one to hate having portable consoles since carrying around game cartridges or UMD's has always been a hassle, so a pure digital portable console is seen as a major attraction for myself and for a significant portion of the core gamer market.

Drop the PSPGo to $150 or $175 and bundle it with some games and it'll gain a resurgence. Hell if Sony gives it to me for $175 bundled with MGS Peace Walker, I'll order it on day one.

sikbeta3494d ago

Alpha is right, why people will buy a psp-go knowing it cost more than the PSP and $50 less than the PS3, but everyone that saw the psp-go as a "new" portable like a PSP2 was too far ahead of what the device actually is, From the beginning I see the [Go] as a PSP-slim, no more no less

ThanatosDMC3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Drop the price then people will buy. $199.99 sounds very reasonable since it all ready has 16gb.

Also, im waiting for E3 cuz they might announce PSP2...

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Gradient3494d ago

Wow what an awesomely edgy title, PSPGo to Go!

OhMyGandhi3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

lol @ Gradient

they must of been giddy with excitement.

The answer to Sony's problems?
Like drummerx2709, TWO, not one, but TWO analog sticks for the hell of friggin god.

NewYork2143494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

maybe its the game prices. i never checked them so cant say personally. or this is a sign that people arent ready for a downloadable only system. i personally kind of want sony to just make the PSP2 or what ever itll be called. Ive had mine since launch and actually want to upgrade to a new system not a remake/redesign

Trroy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Lets do the math:
39K PSP-3000, probably sold at $10 profit, tops. = $390K (retail probably takes it all), $0 after retail.
1K PSP Go, probably sold at like $100 profit = $100K (retail probably takes half), $50K after retail.

Future profits from PSP-3000: 3 attached software units @ $30 each avg = $90 retail... which is probably like $12 profit for Sony, after cost-of-goods, the retail cut, and the publisher cut (which there isn't, on Sony 1st party games, which is why I put it at $12 instead of like $9). $12 x 39K == $468K

Future profits for the PSP Go: 3 attached software units @ $30 each avg (I bet its more units, because the service is easy to spend money on, like the iStore) == $90, probably boiling down to $50 profit each, after the publisher cut = $50K... I bet its closer to $100K, because the e-stores are *easy* to spend money at... take a look at Amazon and the iStore, and see how well they do.

Total: PSP-3000, maybe $468K profit per week, PSP Go, maybe $150K profit per week.

The PSP Go isn't going anywhere. On the contrary, if it was selling one-third as well as the PSP-3000, the PSP-3000 would be in serious trouble, I think. It could become a real beast if the price drops to $200.

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