XFX GeForce GTX470/480 picture exposed

As we inch closer to Friday's supposed Fermi release date, new spy shots were bound to emerge. We still don't know clock speeds, performance, or price, but damn this thing is shiny! If you're as easily distracted by sexy silicon as we are, scroll down to check out the pictures posted by Chinese rumor site Experview.

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TABSF3496d ago

Old news

Even though XFX is widely known as one of the best GPU vendors I think their ATi and Nvidia designs are weak this Gen, only real advantage with XFX is higher clock speeds (which you can do yourself), good packaging (like it matters) and lots of cool accessories (they do matter)

I love the look of the Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 480

Zipperdog3496d ago

Double life time warranty!!! (providing you register your XFX card online). Most company's warranty is only 90 days

Faelan3496d ago

What? 90 days? Where I live there's a minimum 2 year warranty on stuff like that. And since I pretty much upgrade every other year, warranty is rarely an issue. Although if something dies a year and a half down the road, I tend to just use it as an excuse for an early upgrade rather than bothering with the wait and logistical work needed in order to get it fixed/replaced.

TABSF3496d ago

@ Zipperdog your right but in the UK every electronic has 1 year warranty free
Plus some vendors also go 2 years free.

XFX and some other vendors do have extended warranties (3-5 years not sure) and also allow different heatsink or water cooling with out voiding warranty

Its not really an issue for me as I get 1 year free

ATi_Elite3496d ago

When it comes to GPU's it's either XFX or EVGA everything else is second tier. XFX i know of first hand makes a solid card as the very first thing they do is replace the board and caps with quality and high performing parts.

My buddy a Nvidia fanboy swears by EVGA will accept no substitutes and after all the Nvidia cards he STILL has EVGA has to be the best when it comes to Nvidia.

As far as ATi I don't trust Sapphire as their cards seem suspect to me. XFX if you want to overclock and push to the limits.

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ATi_Elite3496d ago

WOW it's March 25th 2010, on the eve before D-Day.

After a long fierce battle and casualties on both sides, ATi has finally wrestled the top spot from Nvidia and has the gaming world in the palm of it's hand. HD 5000 has performed a blitzkrieg on the PC gaming world like no other series in the history of graphics. 13 DX11 HD 5000 series models have been punishing games for 6 months now with out so much as a whimper of competition. ATi has had 6 months and millions of GPU's sold without one iota of resistance from any competitor but all that comes to an end in roughly 13 hours.

As an Ati fanboy I'm bunkered down tonight and dug in deep, me and my twin XFX HD 4890's after slaying the GTX 295 are waiting for the arrival of the new enemy, waiting for the new BEAST...

The Nvidia GTX 480 and all it's 384 bit 512 Cuda core Physx RAW MUSCLE!

See Nvidia, the loud mouth company that they are have been quiet, way too quiet for 6 months about what they are about to unleash on the gaming world and it has got me a little nervous. Is Fermi the beast that will reclaim the top spot or is it the gimp that had manufacturing issues? No one knows but those arse clowns at Nvidia.

Regardless both companies make great products and competition only means victory for gamers but I kinda enjoy ATi being the big dog after a few years of constantly trying to improve and playing catch up to Nvidia and it's HAll of Fame line up.

GTX 260 275 280 285 295!

It's almost ZERO hour GTX 480 vs. HD 5870. Word on the street is Nvidia is going to surpass ATI by 40% performance plus smash Ati on any game using HEAVY Tessellation. That right there made me flinch!
But ATi being the well prepared company they are seem to have a trick up their sleeve and have a secret weapon embedded within their new 10.3 drivers that gives HD 5000 series cards a performance boost of 5% to 17% depending on the game and Bench test have proven this true.

So deep in a bunker at unknown locations all across the globe Nvidia fanboys and ATi fanboys are waiting for the bombs to drop at any moment as the internet is sure to explode when the very first benchmarks of the GTX 480 vs. the HD 5870 are released.

whatever happens in the next several hours will be the beginning of a heated nuclear exchange for the next year or so as each company digs into it's arsenal to try to one up each other. Hundreds of millions of dollars possibly billions will be allocated for both sides in the next year as many like myself have waited for this day to figure out which way to go on our upgrade path to DX11 and the wait is finally over...

The PS3 vs. xbox 360, the console war, is a conflict in comparison to this ATi vs. Nvidia battle, cause this isn't just a war, this isn't just for bragging rights or Fanboy glory, this is for the right to continue the legacy of PC Graphics Supremacy.

This is for the Hearts of the Enthusiast.... This is for GLOBAL GAMING DOMINATION!

This is.... The Way It's Meant To Be Played! The Future Is Fusion!