RPGFan: Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Review

RPGFan writes: "While the aesthetic elements of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey are only slightly above-average, the incredibly strong gameplay elements make the game so addictive that this doesn't matter. If you love RPGs and don't mind seeing quite a few game over screens, there isn't much to dislike about Strange Journey. All of the systems are simple enough to grasp for the handheld gamer, but are deep enough to be incredibly worthwhile. Atlus has struck a great balance with Strange Journey, and they've crafted a game that's more than addictive. There's not much about the game that's new, but that doesn't keep the gameplay from being absolutely fantastic. If you're a fan of any previous games with the Atlus logo on the front, you'll want this one."

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RecarmSR3495d ago

Although a first person dungeon crawler, anybody that enjoys even Pokemon, I believe, will find this game appealing. There's a couple hundred new demons designed by Kazuma Kaneko, and they're all fully animated! You will be addicted to Demon Fusion, if nothing else. Plus, Atlus localizations proudly and humorously give the game an evil charm. If you've played any Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, or Devil Survivor, and have enjoyed any of them you owe it to yourself to try Strange Journey. If you like RPGs, any kind, you have to try this game out. I can't recommend it enough. This could be Handheld RPG-ho of the Year by anyone's standards.