GameDaily: DSi XL Review

Chris Buffa writes: Holding a DSi XL brought back memories of playing with oversized remotes. At first glance, the system looks absurd compared to the more form fitting DSi and its predecessor, DS Lite. Not only is it heavier (11.08 ounces, compared to 7.55), but it's also bigger (1.61 times the DSi's total volume). In addition, Nintendo opted for a shiny finish along the top of the device, as opposed to the DSi's matte exterior. Say hello to fingerprints.

Even the core design, software and functionality remain the same. You'll find the power button to the left of the bottom screen and the SD card slot (still holds up to 32GB) along the right side of the device. Sure, it comes with bundled software (Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Photo Clock), but you can download that stuff with DSi. As for the Shop Channel, nothing changed. You can still link your account to Club Nintendo, add points and download games.

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