10 most insane PC case mods

We explore the strange realm of the geekosphere, with PC enthusiasts modding their computer cases in the oddest of ways. Some of these we'd love to own and others we aren't so sure about.

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csimpson3495d ago

The 'manga babe' PC makes the baby jebus sad.

HolyOrangeCows3495d ago

That someone seriously created that.

Redrum0593495d ago

thats one hell of a gamer if someone pulls stuff like that off

grumpysmurf3495d ago

The second Optimus Prime one is pretty frickin' sweet. The manga one is just creepy.

Uncle Rico3495d ago

Hmm either this is a repost or this site stole these pics... saw these ages ago.

anonymouse1113353495d ago

The R2D2, Bender and Star Wars ones were my favorites, R2D2 most though, you could even say he's a working robot lol

jakethesnake3495d ago

I want the R2D2 one. Of course, it would never pass the WAF test, but still - totally awesome.

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