New Maps Added To MW2 Gametypes Prior to DLC-DLC Screens This Week

RespawnAction: "Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward was asked what this current update is providing, and asked if it added new maps to current gametypes. While he responded no to this question, he did provide the following tidbits which should excite MW2 players."

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movements3499d ago

Modern Warfare 2 is serious business> Others must follow!

JustinSaneV23499d ago

lulz @ #1

It's nice to finally see some some lovin' from IW.

Syronicus3499d ago

Last time around, IW didn't support their game much at all and to see them starting the support for MW2 this early is great.

Sillyace923499d ago

"It really seems like IW is starting to get their act together and support their product. Seems like the coming weeks will be full of win for Modern Warfare 2 and it's players."

WTF? how did you come to that conclusion from them initiating a patch for the map pack?

respawnaction3499d ago

They are patching the game for one, adding new maps to playlists to ensure a fresh feel to the game, adding more patches pre DLC, and oh, DLC in a few weeks. That shows me they are getting their act together. Granted we knew about the DLC for some time, but add that with what I said and that is a win for MW2 players in my eyes. Don't know how you view the world.

Hotel_Moscow3499d ago

werent these game types already on the disc like ddint some one put a youtube video of the game types that were already on the disc like 2 weeks after the game came out

pc version


Sorry, I don't quite get this, are they saying there are going to be some new free maps added to the playlists before the actual DLC maps ?

respawnaction3499d ago

Maps which aren't in hc-hq will now be in the playlist.


Infinity Ward is not supporting there game, they have a stupid community manager, he NEVER posts on the fourm unless its some clarifycation thread like "SPEED FIX INCOMING TO 360".

Anything else then that he never posts, the only time he does post like crazy is before launth before there product, Im wondering, did they still fix that 5 month pavelow bug? Nope, Did they even attepmt to balance commando, OMA, Nope. Except for OMA they ARE now getting around to it, 5 months IW! Im wondering did they add the VIP status that had a code that was included in every MW2 game? Nope, when confronted about it 402 says "We are still working on it" IW is not supporting there community, the ONLY time they do is before DLC and a week after DLC and they work on the NEXT dlc and leave us in the dark. And Treyarch released there stat tracking stuff for [email protected], 1 WEEK AFTER RELEASE OF THERE GAME!, IW is still taking 5 months! So IW does not support there community and I have a BUNCH of facts to prove it but dont want to wast your time.

mumarkz3499d ago

Bungie. They define "Supporting their product"

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