IGN: Pokemon Master Quiz

A challenging Pokemon quiz with questions that are a mix and match of easy and hard ones. Can you get every one correct and claim the title of a Pokemon Master? Take this test and find out.

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Nitrowolf23494d ago

lol i can't believe i remembered some of those

StylizedPlayer3494d ago

Man, I'm such a pokemon nerd. I can't believe I actually got some of those

lizard812883494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

suppose to know who the lead singer of a rap group in japan is?

i thought this was game only, but its not

i got 4/6


Ratchet_Co3494d ago

Yeah, that question got me lol.

Tarmgar3494d ago

NERD! Lol, I only got 2/6. I'm no nerd, but the sounds were easy :D.

Nitrowolf23494d ago

i guessed on like 3 of them

Toadmaster893494d ago

5/6. I knew that rap thing since I think that I heard the rap thing before. The Slowpoke question got me :(

anonymouse1113353494d ago

4/6, been so long since I played the originals, the rap group and trainer question got me

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