The Divnich Debrief: Why PlayStation Move Will Succeed

Jesse Divnich writes:

"At Sony's unveiling of the PlayStation Move at GDC, I had the chance to participate in many press interviews and after the cameras stopped rolling and the tape recorders turned off, some commented on how I was perhaps the most positive about the PlayStation Move compared to others they interviewed. In some cases, I actually felt I had to defend my position, which is why this Divnich Debrief is dedicated to why the PlayStation Move will succeed.

There's no doubt that the PlayStation Move works in a synonymous manner to another console's motion based controller; even Sony has acknowledged (and congratulated) Nintendo for their success in this space. However, many knocked the PlayStation Move for being a near blue-print copy (with some extra bells and whistles) of current industry standards. My response to that is, 'Who cares?'"

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Beast_Master3501d ago

Didn't the same people screaming the Move will fail are the same ones that predicted Wii would be last? Wii Fit wouldn't sell etc.. I noticed that these people never take into account that the avarage gamer is now 31 which means most of us have these things called children that would kill to play stuff like I-pet and the like... Plus there are people like me who bought the Wii originally bc we wanted Mouse keyboard gameplay on consoles (Ie FPS 1:1 kills etc.) but Nintendo never delivered (accept RE4).. So now Sony can deliver that exxperiance where wii failed.

Speed Racer3501d ago

sony makes the best things. and ps3 is the best.

Jedward-3501d ago

Because its a revolution , its like discovering a new planet or creating the telephone , this is major like and we are all part of it.

ChozenWoan3501d ago

Scientist have discovered planets outside our solar system, but non with life, just like motion controls so far this gen. The PSMove will be like finding that one star with an earth like planet, while it wont be the first planet discovered, it will be the dream find of our lifetime.

NateNater3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Well the Wii is successful (in terms of sales) and many people say PS Move similar to Wii so put the two together and...

P.S. I would take PS Move over Natal and Wii any day :)

Gradient3501d ago

If Sony want the Move to make a big impact, they HAVE to make it affordable.

Price and software are key to winning the motion battle.

RageAgainstTheMShine3501d ago

I made a poll concernig the Wii's success and they all said price is the numero uno compelling factor. Sony learned that high end prices fail like for the PS3 launch and the PSP GO. I believe they will make the PSMOve affordable for the mass market.

mr.selfdestruct3501d ago

When people see it in action they will compare it to the wii and think about how may times the wii sensor would lose the controler and you have to waggle it at the screen to get it to work and how irritating it is. They will see that the Move controller is accurate and better and they will want it. Least you forget Move is easily integrated into existing games so every game released so far can be patched to work with Move. Its easy to see move will succeed. I am excited for Move and that my pseye will finally be used for more than eye of judgment.