DC Universe Images Hint at Subscription Plan

Apparently a web designer has included images of a new DCUO web site in his online portfolio, and as DCUOSource's Vicious points out, one of them contains verbiage relating to a 14-day trial.

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Shendow3494d ago

It won't be a shock if PC will cost to play, but maybe the 14 day trail might mean that you only got 14 days to play with it and that is all you need.

Who knows, but I can't wait to play this.

Kerrby3494d ago

How does that even hint at a Subscription Plan?

It just says 14 day trial. Fail article is fail.

CyrusNightshade3494d ago

Thats a free game to play, but they have 14 a day trial. There not just going to let you play it forever with out buying the game.

Shendow3494d ago

I just want to add, isn't Free Realm free? So wouldn't this be free to?

Just something to think about.