PS3 Takes Over Amazon Charts, Gold Box Special A Great Success

As many of you may know, today was/still is a special Sony Playstation 3 Gold Box promotion by Amazon, where during the day a different PS3 game would go on sale. Various games, both old and new went on sale with a nice set of savings, and because of that, PS3 has taken over the top Amazon sales charts proving this Gold Box promotion to be quite the success.

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Beast_Master3493d ago

Would be better if you could actually buy a PS3 in America. My PS3 died last week it is impossible to find any for sale. 2 Best Buys by me have not recieved any new PS3s since Febuary.. Come on Sony that is just unbelivable. TRU got 10 in Sunday and there where litterally 40-50 people camped out to get one.. Is this march or December. F-ing rediculus Sony!!!

Noctis Aftermath3493d ago

If sony want to get ahead they need to sort this out asap.

JustinSaneV23493d ago

It's either:
a) Sony's getting ready to release another SKU
b) Sony is generating demand by cutting supply

Mr Tretton3492d ago

Beast, look further than a 5 mile radius and I guarentee you'll find one.

Went to a Wal Mart today 20 miles away. 6 PS3s.

kalebgray923492d ago

thanks for the late news though failsite.... now i know when its over

pimpmaster3492d ago

^^^ if you find a ps3 ill buy it off you for 1200$!

Beast_Master3492d ago

Mr T.. Did you read what I said.. TRU got 10 in and people where camped out! I am sure that if finding PS3s meant going farther than 5 miles I think people wouldn't be going nuts like this. I called every retailer within 25 miles and no one has them. If you have them in your area then I suggest you buy one and place an ad on craigslist for the Atl, because there are zero for sale in here. (I know someone will think that they can pull that gamestop store locator, but when you actually call you will find that all gamestops are sold out. even though the website says differently.

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RageAgainstTheMShine3493d ago


and MOST SOUGHT AFTER CONSOLE of this generation!

RecarmSR3492d ago

Hopefully won't regret that I bought the [25% off] Star Ocean: The Last Hope International deal earlier. I figured since I enjoyed the last two games this one can't be that bad. There aren't any other JRPGs out now or coming soon that are generally worthy other than Resonance of Fate and FFXIII anyway.

rbluetank3492d ago

sony has heavy rain,Mag,Gow3,White knight chronicles and yazuke far in 2010. sony has even more great exclusives comming later on this year that will sale millions of consoles.... this is going to be monster year for sony!!! it is going to be hard to find a ps3 in the later part of 2010... good luck to

SPACEBALL 13492d ago

nope, sony is coming up short... they should have been prepared.

nycredude3492d ago

When they weren't selling as much it's Ps3 sucks, now you can't get one it's Sony is coming up short. Seriously gamers just are never satisfied!

Anyone complaining about not being able to buy one. Tough luck. You had plenty of time to get one so don't cry now. I bought a launch for full price and bought a slim for $299 for my bedroom. I even bought the 360! Support the consoles!

ReBurn3492d ago

Why is it that we see so many of these kinds of articles? What exactly does it mean to be at the top of Amazon's list?