Halo: Reach Will Raise the Bar for Animation, says Bungie

Halo 3: ODST left many reviewers divided over the game's additions to the franchise, though one area that was readily apparent to everyone was how the game looked. Running at a sub-720p native resolution and having animation and facial detail that was roughly unchanged since Halo 3, the game was not as visual appealing as certain other titles that released in 2009. Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard was aware of the various complaints, and he talked with IndustryGamers during GDC about how Bungie plans to improve Halo in the animation department

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The Time Reaper3492d ago

I'd love to see it. The animation in UC2 and GoW3 are quite impressive. To see that level of quality in an FPS engine would be boss.

Myze3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I have no doubt that Reach will be a great game, but this is a baseless boast from Bungie. Judging by past accolades, animation is not one of their strong suits.

Also, unless they have different animators doing the final animations than what has already been shown, I have serious doubt they have the talent to produce the level of animation found in UC2, GoW3 and KZ2. Yes, it's a little better than it was in Halo 3 (not that that would be difficult to improve on), but it's not even close to "raising the bar." Having done quite a bit of animation myself, it's not hard to say that people don't miraculously gain animation ability in a short amount of time. It's a talent that's somewhat unlearnable. Yes, anyone can do a decent job with enough training/practice, and a decent animator can become pretty good with said training. However, a decent animator cannot become amazing, because animation of human movement is about having an eye for subtlety which is VERY hard to teach.

I have a feeling the guy doesn't really understand that mo-cap can only take you so far, especially in a game that's not super-realistic like Halo. From his comments, it appears that he believes using mo-cap technology, they will raise the bar, as if so many other games haven't already done it. Take, for example, Crysis. They loaded the game with mo-cap animations, but it still doesn't look all that great compared to KZ2 and UC2 (animation...don't want to get into a graphical argument). KZ2/UC2 both used mo-cap, yes, but there are tons of subtle touches to movements, keyframe tweaking, complete hand animations, etc. to make it look extremely real, but more importantly: alive. On the other hand, there's GoW3. The animation in the game is amazing, and while I'm not sure if they used any mo-cap, it's quite obvious 90% of the stuff Kratos and the other monsters/characters do can't be effectively motion captured, meaning it was all done by hand. Again, that requires a very talented team of animators. A team like that is one part of their development in games that they have never proven themselves on, so I am not willing to have blind faith they will surpass what's already out there, but we will see in time.

JokesOnYou3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

UC2 is ps3's best game by a landslide margin, to each his own but that's how I see it, so when ps3 owners come screaming and kickin in a 360 thread about how there are soooooo many great ps3 games and that the 360 can't measure up I just laugh. Have you guys not played Crackdown, Gears1 & 2, Forza3, Mass Effect 1 & 2, Halo3?, just to name a few of my favorite exclusives and I buy all multiplats on 360 because of better online service and thats where the majority of my friends are, so honestly I don't play ps3 much in comparison. I own both but YES IAM HEAVILY BIASED IN FAVOR OF 360 because thats where I see the MAJORITY of the better games I enjoy, and I'm proud of it. I've played by either renting, buying or on a friends console almost every ps3 exclusive....I own MGS4, KZ2, UC2, and GoW3 I don't want to bash any of ps3 games, just speaking briefly about some of the most recently hyped ps3 exclusives, nothing wrong with being proud of those games if you really like 'em but come on, I just don't see what so great about most of 'em. KZ2 was just pretty it didn't do anything groundbreaking like most seem to act like it does, Demon Souls not my cup of tea(never played it) HR a long winded interactive cutscene. GoW3 is a good game, but nothing like its hyped to be on n4g, the cut scenes are amazing but where you kids come up with GoW3 having amazing animation is beyond me, the story is great too but the kind of short for all the talk of disc space, and it doesn't have a strong sense of replayability, unless I guess you're a huge GoW fan. Surprisingly though, where its most lacking is the gameplay itself, qte's are decent but it really needs something more action, fluid combo's, unique/amazing weapons Bayonetta is so much better in that aspect and for a action game that says alot. PS3 games on this site are made out to be these "OMG great experiences" its been that way since Lair and on, and on....only problem is the reality is they aren't nearly good as hype, for me UC2 was truly a great game, same as Halo3 only difference is Halo3 has the extra features and by far the best multiplayer to keep millions of fans playing it for years.

So yes Reach already looks amazing but it will raise the bar in FPS where it counts the most= gameplay/features and will once again be the most played shooter for YEARS to come.


Myze3492d ago


What does that have to do with this topic? It's about the animations of the game, not gameplay. I'm sure most people would accept that Reach will be a good game in terms of gameplay. I'm just gonna guess that you wanted to reply to the posts in 1, but couldn't because the post was deleted.

003492d ago

I would like to see the type of animation that was in one of the halo3 vidocs, completely brutal and what not.

Convas3492d ago

What Bungie has on the cards. Seriously, this is probably going to be their last Halo, if not at least the last one for a good long time, so it makes sense that they'd send this baby out with a bang.

blue7xx73492d ago

Yeah I agree Bugnie seems to really be going out with a bang with Halo Reach

Another One3492d ago

Will definitely be the best Halo game yet. From what I've seen of the animations, they look a hell of a lot better than any Halo game. They also look great for a first person game. Bungie seems to be going the extra mile with this game so I would imagine the animations would be no different.

Fanb0y3492d ago

I'd say they're looking great.
The blending between the animations from running to walking, and from walking to not moving is smooth, and those were my biggest gripes with previous halos.
And also, they need to show off their better animations way more in the game. There's no point making an incredible idle animation if nobody's going to see it. Enemies taking cover and retreating should look good.