IGN: Should Gamers Buy an iPad?

Levi Buchanan writes: Prior to its debut at E3 2004, Nintendo offered me a private demo of the DS. Standing next to the editor-in-chief of a gaming magazine, I watched a Nintendo representative open the original large DS and present it like the crown jewels. It was ugly and ungainly. The "first concept" games that we played were equally off-putting. The Sonic the Hedgehog game might have been the worst of the bunch, where you rubbed the stylus back and forth across the touchscreen as fast as possible to make the Blue Blur run. It was, in a word, unplayable. Walking out of the demo, that other editor remarked that he had never been so disappointed with Nintendo in his entire life.

However, the last six years have been nothing like that early demo session. Once in the hands of game makers, the DS has proven to be a hotbed of creativity. Amazing games have sprung forth for the DS for all ages, making it the world's number one gaming system.

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kingdavid3494d ago

I will never buy an ipad and i will give people crap who do.

Kyur4ThePain3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

There are better options.

@King...I'm curious...I can respect your choice to not buy one, but why would you give others crap for getting it?