G4TV: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Preview

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a strategy-based puzzle game where specialized units face off against each other in a turn-based battle of offensive and defensive manuevering. If that sounds remotely familiar, you may have already played it on the DS late last year. It skipped underneath a lot of the mainstream radars, but puzzle/strategy fans were quick to give it a warm reception.

Ubisoft and developer Capybara Games were bolstered by that response and decided to bring Clash of Heroes to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network sometime later this summer. After perceiving an unfortunate lack of games with high-resolution 2D art, XBLA and PSN were prime venues for Clash of Heroes' visuals to shine.

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callahan093493d ago

AWESOME! I didn't know they were bringing this to PSN/XBLA. This is a fantastic game on DS, one of the very best, I'll be glad to have it on my console with trophies/achievements and hi-res visuals. Capybara games rocks.

schlanz3493d ago

Wonderful news that this is going to be available to more people. This was one of the best DS games of last year that went unnoticed by many. Anyone who likes puzzle games even a little bit ought to check this game out when it hits XBLA and PSN.
D1P for me.