New Gran Turismo 5 Demo Incoming?

Could a new Gran Turismo 5 demo be incoming? According to NeoGaf poster, lherre, a new demo is on PSN. Could we be seeing a new GT5 demo in the relative future?

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GR8 13494d ago

Demo which means GT5 is gonna be delayed for 2011.......poor f*ckin droids i feel sorry for u all.

aceitman3494d ago

it was ok they tried . and oh yeah when gt5 comes out i give you permission to try the best . as much as i see from all the games that we ps3 guys wait for u can see y we wait .good things come to those that wait and it will be good wait till they put the iceing on the cake .mmmm goodness forza 3 is a cupcake .. and gt5 will be the wedding cake u cant compare.

NateNater3494d ago

Poor f*ckin Bot. I feel sorry for you. At least PS3 owners have games to look forward to.

What does Xbox have coming out this year? Uhhhhh Natal and another Halo. Whoopie!

awesomeperson3494d ago

Uhh how does a demo= delay?

A BC2 demo came out just like a month before it was released, I see no delay.

No if anything a demo means its getting closer. PD want more people to try the game and increase their general awareness.

Blacktric3494d ago

GT 5 Demo "2010" ? Sounds kind of fake considering its posted first on NeoGaf but a new demo would be nice.

GrandDragon3494d ago

Umm no it's not fake because another member on NeoGaf has the same demo as this guy.

They should just post videos of the demo because I don't see why anyone would need to keep the Nuremberg a secret lol.

sikbeta3494d ago

OMGOW! GT5 Demo + Release Date = Best News Ever

TheBest3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

GT5 has not had a straight GT5 DEMO yet. The Time Trial "demo" was stated by Polyphony Digital as only an entry into the GT Academy Time Trial competition, and that that "demo" was NOT representative of the final product in any way bar the physics engine to some extent.

GT5:Prologue was just that, a prologue. Released in the same fashion that GT4:Prologue was, it was meant to give players a little bit of content to tie them over until the full release.

The next GT5 demo, which will actually be the first real demo, and will most likely have a few cars, a couple of tracks, and the highly polished graphics and gameplay we've been seeing lately in gameplay videos of gaming conventions (ie GDC).

Get your facts straight peoples!

EDIT: Clicking "Disagree" is easy, arguing back valid points is hard :)

Microsoft Xbox 3603494d ago

I can live with this build. Nurburgring is all I need to hold me off.

kaveti66163494d ago

Listen, you can call it whatever you want. "Prologue", "Time Trial download", "GTHD", whatever. To me, they are all just demos. And one of them costs 40 bucks.

Gran Touring3494d ago

I think 'TheBest' said it best, there has been no official demo of GT5, despite what people want to call it.

-GTHD: A 12-car, single-track concept running on an advanced GT4 engine.
-GT5 Prologue: A 2+1/2 year old precursor to GT5, but runs on an older physics engine, with more primitive animations, sounds, track and car modeling than never 'GT5 tech demos.'
-Time Trial: Again, not a demo, but the "application" for acceptance into the GT Academy tournament. It demonstrated the most up-to-date (at the time) driving physics engine which, PD claims, will be what you'll have in the Full GT5.

I can see why some would be pissed with all the teasing PD's putting us through, but based onwhat we've seen and know is coming, GT5 will more than likely be the biggest racing game to be released in quite a few years. I don't need to run down the feature list, as we're all familiar with what to expect, but at least now, unlike anytime before, we're pretty certain that it will be released this year.

TheBest3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

GTHD - A concept by Polyphony Digital that may have eventually become GT5. Did not eventuate. Not a representation of the final product. Not a demo.

GT5:P - A prologue a la GT4:Prologue. A small amount of new content to tie you over until GT5's release. Not necessarily representative of the final product. Not necessarily a demo (more a prologue).

GT5 Time Trial - A competition to win entry into the GT Academy Time Trial Challenge. This has now been removed from the PSN Store due to the winners having already been concluded. Not representative of the final product bar the physics engine (according to PD). Not a demo.

GT5 Demo - Presumably the first official demo, most likely to be released when GT5's release date is announced. Will probably include a few cars and a couple of tracks and will have all the bells and whistles that GT5 will had (bar most modes). A demo.

EDIT: Damn it I was beaten by Gran Touring. Well said Gran Touring. His/her comment is more accurate than mine.

WildArmed3493d ago

Hmm, may be a E3 demo build? Either way, I'm up for another GT demo lol

Lightsaber3493d ago

wonder how much they are going to be charging for the demo this time

3492d ago
jannytime3492d ago

this is me spitting into polyphony digitals eye :o----x_o. im tired of waiting! lol

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TehSuperCell3494d ago

Im already not buying GT5 thanks to the other demo.
Id rather play a nice arcade racer, like Forza.

sikbeta3494d ago Show
AutoCad3494d ago

Forza is a good appetiser , but we all know GT5 is the main meal.

hazardman3494d ago

I couldn't agree more Forza 3 is a great racer for the Xbox 360 that is holding me down til GT5 comes out. And even when GT5 releases I will still enjoy Forza 3. There is great competition on there, I don't care what anyone says..If you like racing sims and have both consoles or just Xbox..Forza is a must have title!! IMO..

TehSuperCell3494d ago

[email protected]
lol, why are you so paranoid about this bungie guy? does he anger you as much as my opinions? oh, and i assure you, i am not trolling. i honestly think gt5 was boring. the graphics are nice, but the gameplay is just horrid, and the controls are horrible. it has to be the most boring game of the century. id rather play haze.

WRONG. Motorstorm is the main meal.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Lol, people think the XBOX 360 simulator is an arcade game, that speaks for itself when compared quality to GT5.

Redempteur3494d ago Show
3494d ago
Gamer7l3494d ago

If that's true, I guess people will end up filling up on appetizers (Forza 2, 3 & 4), loooong before the "main meal" arrives. Good thing the appetizers are caviar, steak tartare, and Lobster Thermidor. :)

Gamer7l3494d ago

How is that any different from Sony fanboys claiming GT5 is/will be the driving game king, years before the game ever releases? Demo or not, you can't really make that judgement until the game releases. That's why people were so disappointed in games like GTA4 and Halo ODST....they just ASSumed they'd be great games.

kanetheking3494d ago Show
DigitalAnalog3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

He said it himself: "Teh arcade" racer.

I rest my case

-End thread

TotalPS3Fanboy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

just owned himself. Why he would do that? For bubbles?

Man, the humiliating things people will do for bubbles.

divideby03493d ago

at least someone above can tell the difference between an arcade racer and a real driving simulator...

some real Forza fans would have their panties in a bunch by the comment above..

I think PGR is the arcade racer, Forza is a wannabe simulator and without question GT is the real simulator

not knocking any of the games above, at all

anyway....more GT demo the better until it releases

Redrum0593492d ago

all the content in forza3 gt4 already has, plus it still tops it in physics and number of cars. ive played forza3 on my nephews 360 and it is no where near relistic. my nephew actualy enjoys the gt5prologue more than the forza3(finished game). plus car companies and car experts praise the gt series. ive never heard a milliondollar car being created just for forza. check youtube(citreon gt) and yamauchi(father of gt) helped design the nissan gtr. wat has forza done. lol

Narutone663492d ago

I would rather play the PSP version of the GT as you can transfer or trade the cars you owns in GT PSP with the GT5 when it is released later on.

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Shadow Man3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Thats alot of GT5 demos. Seriously how many demo's are there for this game?

DlocDaBudSmoka3494d ago

this isnt another demo of GT5, seein as how there is no official demo for GT5.

air13494d ago

another fvcking demo!

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