IGN: Final Fantasy XIII: Second Opinions

Final Fantasy XIII follows an incredibly strong soldier known as Lightning. Players follow her and a group of companions as they fight against a seemingly cruel fate, which forces them out of their once comfortable existence. The game is filled with some fantastic conflicts, astounding cutscenes and stirring music. It's also the most eye-catching Final Fantasy to date.

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Zuhk3496d ago

I think its a complete joke. Its final fantasy for babies. It is hardly "deep" as people claim, I mastered it instantly and grew bored of it very quickly. I think people who are bad at video games enjoy this battle system because it requires little to no thought

Xof3496d ago

I found the combat system to be massively underwhelming. FFXIII really shines in terms of presentation and narrative, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Well, thank God RoF more than delivers on that front.

MadMan003496d ago

Have you actually gotten passed the 3rd disc? you're obliviously just a baby and expected way to much.

Zuhk3490d ago

Nope, sure haven't. Sorry but my copy only has one disc.

Sharpshell3490d ago

I have to say I completely disagree. Unfortunately I think its a case the battle-system appears allot more simplistic then it is. It's a real mistake to train the players to use auto-battle first, I personally changed that setting first of all. Then the real complexity comes in established not just effective paradigms but using them effectively.

I finally got the chance, at around 20 hours, to pick and choose my battle team and I use Sazh with Prycons to extend stagger, and lightning with Axis blade for faster ATB charges, and Vanille. I start off with SYN, COM, SAB so that I cast haste on everyone immediately, now lighting is an ATB machine, then I rotate through a series of well chosen paradigms and get stagger going in no time at all, with deprotect and deshell etc on the target.

Timing is essential, and a nice complexity over strict turn based strategy because switching paradigms at the exact right moment allow much more efficient battle.

Anyway, I digress, but of all the legitimate complaints you can levy against FF 13 the battle system isn't one, and i keep hearing people describe it as FF for babies. It's sad that the game is design as to encourage people to play the game in he simplest way possible, although its better then the voluminous text I have had to read in previous FF games.

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chasegarcia3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

It seems like this game has no replay value. Who is going to replay the game after they beat it? I expect a lot of used copies for sale in the coming months.

Biggest3496d ago

They would play it for the same reason as anyone plays a RPG. If your characters are maxed out before you beat the game, you're a liar. You won't have all of the ultimate weapons. You won't have your secondary weapons leveled to max. You won't have your characters maxed out. As a matter of fact, if you want all of the trophies/achievements you HAVE to play past the end. You won't be able to complete all of the missions. If you don't want to do those things you might as well not waste your money on any RPG.