Dear Sony: Gamers Want a Legend of Dragoon Remake

Besides the Final Fantasy series there have been few rpgs that graced the PS1 that gamers still play and enjoy to this day. Even fewer titles still demand a sequel from a loyal following.

Take Sony's Legend of Dragoon.

Released in Japan on Dec 2nd 1999, North America on June 11th '00 and Europe January 19th in EU, Legend of Dragoon received mixed reviews from critics. Despite the critic's response to the game, LoD managed to create a cult following mainly in the west where LoD is currently 40,000 shy of breaking the 1million sold mark in North America. In comparison, only 280k copies have been sold in Japan to this day.

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-Alpha3494d ago

Never played it: however, submit the idea to PS Blog Share and who knows what could happen.

TOO PAWNED3494d ago

If PSU is to be believed it is coming

Kain813494d ago

the PS Blog Share is not available here on the EU ps blog for now

3494d ago
ChozenWoan3494d ago

This is one of the few RPGs I would say that matched FF on the PS1.

DJexs3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I would pay full price for this

also hope they know its LoTD legend of THE dragoon

SixTwoTwo3494d ago

A sequel or even a remake would be awesome.

Ps_alm3k3494d ago

I knew that Kain will be the first to comment..LOL!

TheTwelve3494d ago


When Sony said they were bringing back an old exclusive, I so hoped it was this.


Enough shooters...give us JRPG fans some money and investment.


jadenkorri3494d ago

a sequel would be awesome.

xTruthx3494d ago

Don't know y they never released another game, its was pretty awesome

blasian3494d ago

DAM right we do sony! MAKE IT NOW! or so help me god i will break this pencil infront of me

zane_78493494d ago

I submited a request for a remake on the Playstation Blog, but it never showed up on the site. Not sure why.

Anyways want!

MTEC83494d ago

Please do make a sequel!

Lightsaber3494d ago

i'd buy a remake or a Sequel of LoD

SaiyanFury3494d ago

Personally, I think a sequel would be better than a remake. The original game was epic. I don't think a remake is in order, I think a 10 year demand for a sequel is more in order. Remakes seem to the the order of the day these days, instead of something new. Let's have a sequel Sony! It's only been 11 years!

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ThatCanadianGuy3494d ago

Man, i loved that game like no other back in the day.
A remake or hell, even a re-release on PSN would be much appreciated!

Godmars2903494d ago

But this game was right there with the PS1 when it launched and yet hasn't been touched since - that should say something.

That said, at this point the game would probably have to be more than just a JRPG. Give the option to fly over the overworld. Panzer Dragoon areal dogfights.

catch3494d ago

I dunno about right there.. it was something like 3 or 4 years later I'm pretty sure.

Godmars2903494d ago

It was out before FFVII, and as far as I'm concerned that constitutes "out there."

That there have been five main FFs since - not counting XI - as well as several Wild Arms titles which also started on the PS1 with not so much as a peep about a Lagoon 3 should be more than enough of a message about the chances of a Lagoon 2.

CryofSilence3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


Final Fantasy VII launched in 1997. Legend of Dragoon launched in 2000 (1999 in Japan). That's even after Final Fantasy VIII launched.

On topic:
This is the highest on my request list for games - even higher than FFVII remake.

TwelfthCrusader3494d ago

I would more than happy with it being released on the PSOne classics store tbh.

ThatArtGuy3494d ago

I still have mine. Black label too!

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The story is too old to be commented.