VGChartz Review: God of War III

VGChartz writes:

"I hope that the next entry does exist, because while God of War III would be an excellent end to an excellent series, I still want more, and that's a good sign. If previous games in the series have left you cold, God of War III will not suddenly appeal to you. But if you found any semblance of enjoyment in its predecessors, this is a game which must be played."


The link I gave doesn't have the full review scores. Apologies.

Presentation- 10.0
Gameplay- 9.0
Value- 8.5

Final Score- 9.4

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naznatips3500d ago

Awesome. I can't wait till I'm not piss broke and can afford the game. :P

Kantor3500d ago

You only need ONE kidney.

kaveti66163500d ago

Yeah, but then you'd be getting up every forty minutes to piss.

Elimin83500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


O-D-C3500d ago

Another awesome review VGChartz!

bmw693500d ago

Awesome review and well-deserved score - one of the best games of the gen so far.

DaTruth3500d ago

You would think so, considering you wrote it!

Complimenting your own articles is just wrong on so many levels!

Braineater24483500d ago

He actually didn't write it. Try again.

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The story is too old to be commented.