MW2 Playlist Update on XBL Today

RespawnAction: "Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has just announced that later today on Xbox Live, a playlist update will commence preventing the 'super speed' games. No official time frame has been set, but will surely be today."

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JustinSaneV23493d ago

Wow, that may be the fastest turn around time I've seen from IW...

respawnaction3493d ago

Maybe they're learning for once.

respawnaction3493d ago

I have been playing nothing but MAG and BFBC2 recently. Those are great fps'

Upbeat3493d ago

hands up if you think mw2 is a joke and iW need to wise up

HSx93493d ago

Now fix commando, Net lag, broken Host Migration, overpowered weapons... o wait, you would probably need to remake the game.

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groverfett3493d ago

Wow, I don't regret switching off MW2 to BC2 at all. So what exactly will a playlist update do to fix this?

respawnaction3493d ago

Not sure, maybe add a certain coding which will prevent it?

JustinSaneV23493d ago

There's probably something in the playlist code that the hackers take advantage of.

At least that's my guess.

unknown1003493d ago


IW does care for Xbox Live!!

respawnaction3493d ago

it really shouldn't have to take something like this for them to start caring.

Matthewxrb19923493d ago

No they dont care for XBL !! Hacks are only On Xbox !! Never meet with and Hack on the PS3 =D