Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Update Released

DICE has released a new update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, now available for download.

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BattleAxe3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

This article has been up for 15 minutes and no comments so far.... I guess PC gaming is really dead.

JsonHenry3496d ago

Most PC gamers have probably never been to this site..

AND the patch has been out all day and is old news. I think STEAM DLed the patch for me around 11:30AM EST... soo... yeah...

wwm0nkey3496d ago

We are too busy playing the game, also Steam automatically updates your games

tdrules3496d ago

haha sorry I wasn't quick enough to post, I was busy streaming my Counter Strike game, and I was spectating an ESL game an hour ago. (can your box do that harhar?)

I understand you're still waiting for a good SOCOM, my condolences.

JsonHenry3496d ago

Also, if you think PC gaming is dead just hop on over to the, DL your FREE STEAM client and check the server status. As of right now, just the people playing on STEAM servers is at 1,698,787 people playing online. It will be close to 2-1/2 million around 9-10pm EST

And again, that is just STEAM. That is not taking into account all the other online games and doesn't even scratch the surface of single player PC gaming that is going on right now.

ATi_Elite3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Sorry son your a certified idiot. Most PC gamers wouldn't waist their time with this website as it offers very little info to the PC enthusiast.

Most Pc gamers are playing BBC2 right now. or World of Warcraft or Eve online or overclocking their rig right now or are editing video or are playing FIFA 10 online (All of Europe for this one)

I'm here to check out info on God of War 3 as I'm in the market for a PS3 and stumbled across this. (in which I probably won't buy because graphics cards take priority)

well enough of this my Clan is on the server so off to BBC2

if you find your self all alone with the sun in your face never fear your already dead and not because your an Elysium but because you just got sniped by Krayzie B.o.n.e.

electricshadow3496d ago

I don't think I've seen someone get owned as many times as you just did. GTFO with your "Hurr hurr, PC gaming is dead. LOOOOOL" bullsh!t.

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3496d ago
dirthurts3496d ago

Have better sources of information than N4G.
And they avoid this fanboyism like the plague.

magicwalnuts3496d ago

PC gamers have better things to do on their computers than participate in insane fanboy wars that take place here, like maybe playing games, downloading games (hopefully legally although for most that's not the case), watching TV on my slingbox, and all of the other things you can do on a computer.

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