Playstation Gamers Creating the future of PSN Premium, How Much Will Sony Implement?

Gamers are voicing their opinions and Sony is listening: Playstation's recent Feature Sharing concept has gamers all around voicing their opinions to improve the Playstation brand. Leading this is Cross Game Chat with over 10,000 votes, followed closely by PS2 emulation and trophy auto-syncing.

Promising "ways to streamline the process", this call from Sony coincides with the arrival of the much-anticipated PSN Premium. Is this Sony's way of maximizing the initial subscription base by giving gamers what they want most, and how much does Sony actually intend to incorporate?

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GR8 13494d ago

Had Cross Game Chat since day 1 on xbox360.

rucky3494d ago

Been paying for it since day 1 too.

ArcFatalix3493d ago

you pay for that gears 2.

awesomeperson3493d ago

Had 5 years+ development time on Live.

Jedward-3494d ago

I will pay whatever the charge because i know it will be worth it.

-Alpha3494d ago

The great thing is that online stays free for everybody which means Sony has to look elsewhere to make PSN even better.

Cross Game chat isnt at the top of my list, and it's pretty much a given that it's coming so I hope Sony is getting great ideas from the community. The idea that we gamers could be shaping PSN Premium is fantastic. I will upgrade for revamped UI/sleeker looking XMB, trophy leaderboards, custom XMB in-game, etc.

deadreckoning6663493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I don't understand why people still ask for PS2 emulation. Its not gunna happen. Sony wouldn't lose the opportunity to resell old PS2 games as PS3 remakes like the GOW collection. I think Sony should start concentrating on COMMON SENSE.

Why can't I download things while playing games or when my PS3 is off?
Why can't I visit the Playstation Store while music is playing or while playing a game?

sikbeta3493d ago

The Best Thing Sony can do is make a Premium service and Charge for XGC, so I'll be playing Free on-line and Free from guys that were whining for this feature for almost 3 years, I just don't want to hear a bunch of guys screaming and insulting to each other all the time...

InfectedDK3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Just some I can come to think of:

PSN Premium by user choice: Yes pls.

Video Store for more EU countries like my own: Yes pls.

PS2 emulation: No thank you, not needed but won't hurt either.

In-game voice chat and music (XMB): Yes pls.

Better XMB interface, like the ones we have seen over some time.

Btw. VidZone is great, Home is getting there by time and PSN is getting along very well.

Rainstorm813493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

If you have gamers shape the online service then gamers should want the service.....

But wait a min, could the premium service just be the end of firmware updates because alot of whats listed seems possible in firmware updates.

Think about it......

edhe3493d ago

...they'll need to see what MS does with Live this year - shutting down the old infrastructure to the original xbox has unknown repercussions, could be awesome.

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redsquad3493d ago

Have to be something special to start me paying for it. If gaming on line, internet browsing and Home remain free then there's nothing else I need.

Speed Racer3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

CONVERSATION IS GOOD UNTIL ABOUT RIGHT...until super cell came in. just ignore him, sucks that its people like him that start these flame wars. its quiet, birds are chirping, you talk about your favorite things than BAM!! what are you talking about?! does it have to do with the ps3?! cause i hate it! is it getting better?! GAMER:yes. Super cell: well i do not want you to be happy since im not so im going to create as much as accounts as possible and ruin the whole thing for you. or atleast try!


TehSuperCell3493d ago

lol sorry sony but no money 4 u.
However, I would happily pay if Sony had Halo.
No Halo= No deal.

sikbeta3493d ago Show
TehSuperCell3493d ago

please, stop harrassing me. n4g is about expressing one's opinion, and you are constantly shooting me down. seriously bro, chill out. its just the internet.
go play heavy rain lol. no, go play haze lol. XD

CernaML3493d ago

He'll go play Haze as long as you play Too Human and Deadly Premonition. :D

-MD-3493d ago

I liked Too Human. Deadly premonition is getting some surprisingly good reviews too.

The_Perverted_Ninja3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

We all know you're doing this to bother people because you think it's funny but it just doesn't make it any less sad. Your parents must be so disappointed that they had you... I pity them so much. I can't imagine how much of a let down it must be to have you as their child.

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3493d ago
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