The Verdict on Resident Evil 5 DLC: Lost in Nightmares & Desperate Escape

GameZone ventured back into the grim world of Resident Evil 5 and gave it our best to determine if the downloadable content is worthy of a purchase.

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athmaus3502d ago

im amazed people still care about this series -_-

TheColbertinator3502d ago

It needs a classic return to its roots,that's for certain.

AlexC3502d ago

All the DLC in the world wouldn't make it as good as RE4!

Caspel3502d ago

I miss old school zombie-infested Resident Evil =(

barefootgamer3502d ago

I miss old school scary Resident Evil. RE5 was not scary at all! I've already traded in my copy, so no DLC for me!

mistermostyn3501d ago

Soooo meh. Good -- if not somewhat sleepy sounding -- GZ coverage though.