iPhone Gamer Blog Reviews - Final Fantasy

iPhone Gamer Blog writes, "Final Fantasy made its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch world late last month. This version is based on the PSP game of the same name, not the NES version from 1987 (1990 US release). Without a doubt there have been a tremendous number of advances since its first iteration. I'll skip the story and the pretense. If you're reading this review you know all about the series and how popular it has been. You probably are already playing Final Fantasy 13 on a console if you have the $60 to put down. It is worth noting that this review, just like any other on this site, will give you an honest opinion based on the value and replayability compared to the other RPG's on the App Store, not just based on its nostalgic worth."

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arny3499d ago

you can see the difference between FF13 and this