The 25 Most Stunning Video Game Cosplays you will ever see

Gamingbolt writes: Believe me or not, it really is a totally different experience dressing up like your favourite video game characters. If you'll permit the anecdote, about five years ago, when I played Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, I got so attached to Big Boss that kept a thick beard like him and even dressed up like him on a couple of occasions. This article has 25 of the most amazing cosplays. We hope that your favorite charcter has been included, but considering the scope, there is a high chance that its not. Let us know about it in the comments section below the post. So without further delay, let me list down the 25 most amazing Video Game Cosplays you will ever see.

Note: The listing is completely random and is not based on any kind of ranking.

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FreeMonk3492d ago

It's amazing how much time and effort that people take to make some of these costumes.

The guy that did the Bioshock costume did the little sister costume from Bioshock 2 from just looking at a little 6" figure, and it looks amazing (take a look on Youtube for the vid).

Out of those pics though, the Metroid and Gears of War are the ones that impress me.

Uncharted 2 was a little bit of a disappointment, and although the Half Life 2 was impressive as well, the woman dressed up as Alex looked like she was high! lol

joydestroy3492d ago

yes! this is full of win!

FragGen3492d ago

Cosplay is full of gay.

Alcon Caper3492d ago

for some reason i keep scrolling back up to jill valentine...

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Fishy Fingers3493d ago

Well, it's actually more like, 20 Cosplay pictures you've already seen, a few new ones and a little crap here and there. Uncharted for example.

Etseix3492d ago

Agree, but well look at the Killzone one, thats not a cosplay of the game, is a cosplay for a series named Jin-roh Brigade of wolves

But still the costumes are pretty good.

Sharpshell3492d ago

uncharted was crap

but bioshock and Killzone was like absurd

I can't even imagine having friends who would even considered doing that with me (not that I want to either) I'm jsut saying, where does one of these poeple find someone else to actually do it with them?

PhoenixDevil3493d ago

Think Lara Croft gets my vote outta that lot :P

Max Power3492d ago

think the model specifically chosen to portray Lara Croft should be included.

R_19933492d ago

Wow, that sephiroth one is awesome.

DanCrabtree3492d ago

Actually, when I first saw it, I thought it might be computer animated. But upon looking at the sword hilt, I'm reconsidering...

Redrum0593492d ago

the samus costume looks like its made of cartboard with a gloss caoting, lol. cheap.

JOLLY13492d ago

What the heck is cartboard?

Nikuma3492d ago

You know... those boards you make carts out of. Duh.

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The story is too old to be commented.