Is time running out on the PlayStation Portable?

GameZone's Louis Bedigian discusses the history and future of Sony's PlayStation Portable.

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athmaus3498d ago

its done...time to move on...

R_19933498d ago

I got my first PSP on day of release, and so far, I've only bought a handful of games which I thought were worthwhile. My DS on the other hand has been getting quite a bit of attention.

FragGen3497d ago

@R_1993: Exact opposite here. I bought both systems at launch the DS has been collecting dust for years, I use the PSP nearly everyday. The PSP software library just completely pwns the titles available on the DS if you like games targeted for adults. I can name twenty utterly kick a** titles off the top of my head.

My second grader daughter and all her friends rock the DS hard, though. Nintendogs, Cooking Mama, Mario stuff, etc.

rambi803497d ago

it certainly is not done in japan
Console and game sales are great there

the added functionality of custom firmware has killed the system in the west.

Sony need to embrace the development community a bit more in terms of apps. I bought a new console rather than give up my emulators and PDF viewer

Nakerman3498d ago

Apart from the original PSP which I used for a few months, I haven't bothered.

athmaus3498d ago

i know i haven't had a reason to touch mine in years! Serious lack of games....good games

FragGen3497d ago

If you haven't touched it in years how would have any first hand knowledge about the state of the software library? I'm currently playing Socom FTB3 multiplayer and Dante's Inferno on the PSP. Both games are outstanding portable titles, IMHO, and were released within the last two months.

hybridtheory123498d ago

I havent played my PSP in the longest time. Theres no point to it at all. I use it for remote play, thats its only use.

AlexC3498d ago

Add another analog stick, and I'd certainly be more interested. It's not rocket science

Caspel3497d ago

I believe it's done for too. Sony needs to think long and hard about what they do next with the handheld area of gaming.

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