Why Linear Games Are Better

DualShockers writes, "While there is certainly room in the world for both open world "sandbox" games as well as games of the linear "point a to point b" type, we often find ourselves comparing these two. This is especially true for the case of role playing games; as this generation has introduced a leap in the size and detail in free roam gaming. The split in the community seems to be arising, some gamers are experiencing open world games and deciding that linear role playing games, or in some cases linear games in general, cannot be as good as open world games. This is largely a matter of opinion and taste. This full in-depth analysis of linear games against open world games shows that both of these game types are fundamentally very different and provide a specific experience to their targeted audiences. Read more for a deep look into both sides of the issue including a complete breakdown of both types of games and what defines them, specific examples from the perspective of a hardcore gamer, and the reasons why some people prefer open world games even though linear games are still leading the industry..."

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taz80803492d ago

I have to agree since at times the sheer size of certain games like a mass effect can actually become daunting and you find yourself doing somehting totally off the beaten path and not even progressing in the story arch.

Hitman07693492d ago

Totally, and in general that experience is okay. Unfortunately what is happening is that the side content is never as good as the story (or vice-versa in some games) and therefore you're not really getting as large of an experience as it seems because you are restricted just in a more illusive way.

-Alpha3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

It all depends on the game itself: if you go off the path and follow a different adventure it's your own fault. The beauty of that is that it is also your own CHOICE. The only way an open-world story detracts from the experience is if you choose to deviate from the main plot. Open world games give you much more dynamic experiences and more freedom. They are less predictable and aren't as limiting.

That's not to say linear games are bad: they can tend to be more focused, but so can open world games-- they simply require more effort. Linear games like Uncharted 2 give a purer and more focused experience with the story, and I can't imagine the game being open world one bit. However I wouldn't say that as a result open world games are less focused.

I don't think one is better than the other, it all depends on the game and the developers. Both types have their pros and cons.

Hitman07693492d ago

@Alpha-Male22 Interesting points, which parts of the article did you find more agreement with?

You will find that I covered both sides of the topic although we disagree on the conclusion, I have decided to leave that up to the reader.

Thank you for the feedback, as always it is appreciated.

Chadness3492d ago

I agree, non-linear games can sometimes be too big for their own good. Too much stuff to do can distract from the main quest of a game, making it insignificant up against all the optional stuff.

Hitman07693492d ago

Focus on the scene and you will have yourself a linear game. Open world games need to focus on so much that (at this time in technology and budgets) the games come out with easier to spot flaws! Examples are games that I love but have obvious flaws, Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

AzarVC3492d ago

I think it's totally a double-edged sword when non-linear games are so big. Because, yeah it's totally freaking sweet to be able to do that much stuff in a game but it can detract from the story.

4pocalyps33492d ago

i prefer non-linear games myself...but only those that actually have something to do besides the main story. i dont want something like ME2 farming for stuff, which got boring quick. I'd rather have a non-linear game where it has sidequests and other NPC chars you could talk to and just do other stuff that makes you take a break from the main plot.

Hitman07693492d ago

@4pocalyps3 I agree with you, I found The Elder Scrolls series pretty interesting myself, especially Oblivion. The side stories in that game definitely could take you far.

The problem is that with so much focus on the world at large I believe they became limited on the exacting of the details in the world. This is what I mean; when you are walking through side stories that take you around the same areas and all of the NPCs typically have the same things to say as each other. In the future, I hope to see the Elder Scrolls series and other Open World games take things to a much higher level to the point where they can have a more dynamic feel so I don't have to spend as much effort concentrating on immersion and it is just there instead.

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