Once Upon a Time in Liberty City

Rockstar writes - "Here's a really interesting article from yesterday's Observer (a big Sunday paper in the UK), by an American writer named Tom Bissell, about his personal obsession with Grand Theft Auto IV and simultaneous addiction to drugs."

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Timesplitter143497d ago

He's still dumb for taking games so seriously

omimasum3497d ago

and thats because a lot stuff from an andreas like getting fat, variety of clothes and freedom was cut in gta 4. the only good thingabout the game was it physics which was pretty fun

ryhanon3497d ago

I see lots of long time GTA fans say similar things about GTA IV. It's funny/weird cause I never really cared all that much for GTA, didn't understand what all the hubbub was about, until I played GTA IV. It's easily one of my favorite games this generation.

kanetheking3497d ago

saints row 2 it is fun as suck on god of war3 (playing on hard)put that in very fun.and it got 2ppl co-op mission i think has it for about 8 pound.

djreplay3497d ago

Cocaine a games dont mix, now cocaine and alcohol........

DlocDaBudSmoka3497d ago

dont mix. thats how ppls hearts are blown out.

Premonition3497d ago

I think GTA IV would have felt somewhat better if the NPC's were kinda like saints row where they would do random things that would cause problems, in GTA IV most the NPC's are either on fake phones or drinking coffee and in order to cause problems you would 99% of the time have to cause it yourself for something to happen, hopefully in GTA 5 the NPC can do things that would make the game more interesting.

Strelnikov3497d ago

Brilliantly relevant exploration of the seductive power of video games. Interesting that the GTA and cocaine addictions fed each other, but GTA ultimately provided context for reflection on the author's drug addiction.